Sunday, September 4, 2016

Part 4..are you kidding me?

This is the last one. I promise. I'm squeezing all the rest of the trip into this post, so you might want to get a snack. Or skip it depending on your tolerance for vacation recaps.
On our second day in D.C. we tried to squeeze in as many Smithsonians as possible. We started at the American History Museum, where we were a tiny bit early for their new election exhibit.

My favorite carpool propaganda poster EVER. 
Don't ride with Hiter! That's for chumps!!
The giant floating whale is my favorite thing in the Natural History museum. I could stay in that room all day.

Air and Space was our last museum of the day. 
Then we went to Chinatown for dinner. Which was fun. Our restarant was super close to the Metro station, so we didn't really explore Chinatown at all, but what we did see was fun.
The animals of the Chinese Zodiac are painted on the crosswalks. For some reason I just thought that was the best thing EVER. 

After dinner we dropped the kids off at the hotel and went back for a night time stroll of the monuments. 

We didn't take an offical tour, but it was one of my favorite things we did. I loved seeing everything at night. (There were also less people, so BONUS.)

On the last day of our trip we got up and went to Arlington first. We almost skipped this stop because we didn't feel like we had enough time. I'm so glad we didn't. This is the only picture I took there, it just didn't seem right to snap a selfie in such a reverent place. The changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was very moving, for me anyway. 
Afterwards we walked across the bridge towards Abe (if you look closely you can see him wayyyy off in the distance).
One last shot.
Obligatory White House photo.
After Arlington, time was running out. Everyone was starving, but the one and only thing Eli had asked to do in D.C. was go to the National Gallery. So we split up and most of our group went to eat while Eli and I made a mad dash to the museum. 
It was so peaceful and lovely inside. The crowds were so much smaller than any of the other places we visited on our trip. I guess not a lot of people feel like dragging their kids around to look a VanGoghs. 

Here is Eli doing his best Ferris Bueller. Except he wasn't joking, he was really loving the art. Like Arlington, we almost skipped this one due to time not being on our side. Once again I was SO glad that we figured out a way to make it work for everyone. Being there, just the two of us, is a great memory. 

This is in front of the National Archives where we had planned to run in real quick like to take a peek at the Constitution, but this time we really DID NOT have time. So off we ran to the Metro and just like that our trip was done.

The whole vacation was so great. I loved that my brother's family got to come to D.C. with us. It was amazing seeing everything with my niece and nephews, who, by the way, are awesome travelers and super curious, and ask the BEST questions. 
Hooray for family, vacations, and kids who don't get carsick anymore.

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lori.huffaker said...

Thanks for sharing. I am glad your little history loving heart had the best time. I'm also glad I heard some of the other trip stories in person!!