Thursday, September 1, 2016

Finally, DC. Longest trip recap part 3

Look at this! We finally made it to D.C.
When we got to town we didn't waste any time. We hopped right on the Metro and hurried into the city because we had tickets reserved for the Holocaust museum.

I began taking pictures of the Washington Monument the second we landed. I probably took a 100. I'll have to make a collage one of these days.
Ok, here's the thing about the Holocaust museum. It is awesome and important, but guys, the tour is LONG. I think if I had known that we would end up spending 3+ hours there I would have either skipped it this time around, or planned for a different time. We were just so tired from all the driving and sitting and everything else we had done in the couple of days prior that I don't think we were able to really appreciate the magnitude. Also, I think that because we have all read so much about the Holocaust, there weren't too many things in the presentation that were shocking revelations to any of us. I feel like this makes us sound like a bunch of heartless shallowtons, which is 100% not the case. I just think maybe we weren't in the right mindset. Also, I for sure would not take little kids, maybe not younger than 14. The subject matter is hard, and, as I mentioned, the tour is long. I guess just know your audience. 
When we left the museum we were all starving, but we were so close to Thomas Jefferson and I was afraid we wouldn't make it back if we didn't go right then, so we walked over and took a look. I was so glad we did. Maybe it was exhaustion or Holocaust hangover, but I cried a little when we saw him. T.J. isn't my favorite founding father, but you know, he's a little cool. 
In his way. 
Oh look, The Washington Monument.

On the Metro, some us played, The Man Game. It's a famous game where you try to stand without holding on to anything and see if you can keep from falling into the laps of strangers. As you can imagine strangers love it when you encourage a train car full of children to play this game. 
Cooper was a champion. 
I on the other hand made lots of new friends when I fell on top of them.
Look at these guys? Seriously, I miss them SO much. It was the best going to D.C. with them. They are all so funny and smart. Living on opposite sides of the country sucks. 
Wait, is that the Washington Monument?
Abe. Both times we went to see Lincoln were at night. I've been in the daytime before and I can safely say, night is the best. Even though there were SO many people the first evening it didn't feel like a crazy crowd. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was a crowd. They just weren't crazy. 
And that, is how we spent our first day in D.C.

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