Saturday, August 20, 2016

Vacation 2016, all the other stuff. Part 1

When booking our flights it seemed like such a great idea to fly at night and maximize our time. I figured we could fly and sleep at the same time. I felt like a trip planning genius for making that decision. Turns out, most of us are so hot at sleeping anytime or anywhere...However, one of us (Sylvan), managed to find an empty row at the back of the plane where he stretched out and got some serious sleep for about 4 hours. Making him the winner of the "who gets to drive from N.C. to Va." contest.

We had a medium sized layover at JFK. Not long enough to leave the airport, but long enough to purchase mementos of our time in New York. 

This was taken right after we got in the car. 20 minutes later they turned into 3 year olds who were touching each other and complaining about my choice in music.
Although we met and were married while serving in the Army at Ft. Bragg, N.C., Sylvan claimed to have never seen a tobacco field before. He was so intriged that he convinced Nate to hop out and grab a leaf. (A feat I warned them both could find us all facing the business end of an angry farmer's shotgun.)
He put it right on the dash, and by the time we arrived at my brother's house it was nearly dried,  cured, and ready to roll into a cigar (just kidding, it was dry, but nowhere near cured).
There were about twenty pictures just like this on my phone. We have trees in Arizona, but when you are away for a while you forget just how many MORE trees there are on the East Coast. 
Trees for days, man. 
On our second night in Virginia we had dinner at my mom's house, where Sylvan was giving this affectionate greeting by his mother-in-law. Look at how happy he is to see her! 
The next morning my brother led us on a hike to the top of Virginia. 

Some of us went higher than others (let's just say, I know my limits).

The view from the top was AMAZING! Look at all of those trees.
After hiking we returned to my brother's house where those who could still use their legs engaged in a serious Nerf battle. 

We also went to an end of the season swim banquet for our niece and nephews, which sadly I took no pictures of. But it was fun, and fancy and a good time was had by most. I think.

To be cont....

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