Sunday, August 28, 2016

I can't even...

We interrupt this terribly fascinating travelogue for a short rant about sexism.

Last night Sylvan & I went to the movies. Before the previews they played this...

OMG, Seriously!?!  I was so mad. I started giving Sylvan a lecture about not wanting our daughter...or anyone's daughter to think they need to trim anything down there, especially into the shape of a heart...AND ALSO... where are the commercials giving BOYS suggestions of what shapes to use if and when they groom their bushes????

There are SO many things wrong with this ad.

I was whispering so loudly that I think he was a little embarrassed, but I don't care. Society's expectations of girls...good grief.

Excuse me. I have to go send an email to the idiots at Schick.

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lori.huffaker said...

Saw this on TV about 6 months ago. Had the same reaction, but I was alone in my room and had to be disgusted and furious all alone. The I called Chelsea and ranted to her.