Sunday, February 15, 2015

More of the same...

Right, so clearly to the story of my life these days is that I AM A MASTER PROCRASTINATOR!!! I sat down an hour ago to do homework and everything was going fine until I clicked on a Daily Show link, one thing led to another, then BOOM!! An hour gone and nothing to show for it. (I also ate half a dozen chocolate chip cookies. I can't even think about the amount of time I would waste or calories I would consume if the weekend were more than 2 days long.)

Anyway, I'm just about to get jiggy with the homework, but first, I felt it was important to document the craziness going on in our bathroom. 

What the??
Obviously there is an odor situation. I pretty much don't have the time or the desire to get to the bottom of it. Whatever.

Also, in no less than 4 rooms of our home the lighting is less than stellar due to the fact that bulbs are burning out at a normal rate, but not being replaced at any rate at all, because my husband has decided that regular stores are charging outrageous prices for light bulbs, a crisis I, in my obliviousness had not noticed and even now am skeptical of its existence, but never fear, he is not taking this outrage lying down. NO SIR! He has made it clear he will not buy light bulbs until he finds the best deal. Costco. Amazon....? Consequently, here we are, living in the future, about to be reading by candlelight for lack reasonably priced artificial illumination.

Some days....I just don't know.

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