Saturday, September 26, 2015

The sad part is, I can't even make myself care.

Y'all, I am a grown woman who cannot remember when she last showered. I am offically a bag lady.

I can't remember if I've showered, so I certainly cannot remember what I have written about here in the last 6 months, but in my head I have composed dozens of posts about my fears of transferring to ASU from community college, and how I just KNEW it was going to be horrible, and possibly kill me.

Turns out those fears were 100% justified.

Going to "real" college is about to do me in. At least 3 times a week I seriously entertain the thought of quitting school.

This is dumb. Right? I cannot quit school. RIGHT?

I love my classes (unless they are taught by cheery non-cynical people. BTW, cheery non-cynical people, you are annoying.). What I don't love is feeling like everything is going so quickly that I don't have time to savor what I'm learning. I want to roll around in the Federalist Papers and read all 6000 pages of Democracy in America. I want to hang out with other nerds and talk about just war theory.

At the same time, I want to talk to my kids about boys who are jerks and what color tie to buy for homecoming. I want to watch 20 episodes of Parks and Rec with them and eat ice cream and laugh our heads off.

I want to be everything to everyone, is that so much to ask?


The 10 minutes I stole from homework to write this were up 3 minutes ago. It's been real. Light a candle for me, k?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Some days I don't even know...

This morning I found a treasure chest of cryptic (and not so cryptic) notes on my phone. I have no idea what the context was for most of them. Apparently when I'm in tight spot with no one to talk to, I turn to my phone, and as I read the notes, I think my phone has got to be a little annoyed that I'm taking up its valuable time with my loony nonsense.

At any rate, for your reading enjoyment, I give you...Crap I told my phone. (phone notes in red, my commentary on the notes in blue)

*Isn't it funny how our actions mean more to our parents than they do to us? Like with Wesley, it's so touching to me when I think of the sacrifice he's making for the country. I suppose though, it has to be that way for some of us, because if we fully understood the weight of our actions in the moment, we might second guess ourselves and not make the same choices. (OKAY! Obviously this deep note is an example of spending too much time in my head. I mean, really, WHY would I have this thought, then feel the need to tell it to my phone?)

*Things to remember
Cookies can never have too many nuts
Sunday mail delivery should not be a thing
Finals suck
I am tired
Honestly, doesn't it seem like I wouldn't need a list to remind me of these things? Do people forget they're tired and like nutty cookies?

*If something makes you feel like complete and total crap, you have made the correct parenting choice. That's the secret. And also, I said crap to my primary class yesterday. Obviously. And Oops!

This next one is such a classic example of my craziness that I can hardly believe I'm sharing it, but since I think probably about ONE person still reads this blog, and she knows how crazy I am, I'm going to consider this saving for journaling purposes.

*I'm cheesy, I have always been cheesy. When I was in the 6th grade there was this kid who lived across the street and he wanted to play ball at our house. Something happened and he didn't like the way things were going so he left. That's when I loudly shouted "Are you sure you don't want to play? Quitters never win!!!" I've been reading graduation speeches online and I realize that I'm a sucker for a good quote. I'm an idealist and I think that people are inherently good. I believe that standing together is the only way we have a chance. I have a misguided belief that I can make a difference and if you choose to do good you won't ever regret it. I believe in the future. 

So much going on here. I'm really surprised my phone didn't have me committed after I unloaded all of these FEELINGS. In my memory of the quitter day, the game we were playing was whiffle ball, so my outrage was clearly justified because what kind of kid quits in the middle of a high stakes neighborhood game of WHIFFLE BALL!? AND the kid's older, cooler, teenage sister was sunbathing on the roof of their house while I was standing in my backyard trying to teach him (and anyone else in earshot) a thing or two about commitment. Good grief. This really deserves an entire post....or session with my therapist.

*Listen people of the universe. My expectations of you are high, and when you don't meet my expectations it is upsetting. I believe that people behave in response to the way you treat them. Here's the thing, people of the universe, I am treating you like you are responsible and respectful. I treat you like you will fulfill your obligations, and in return I try to do those things also. But people of the universe???? You are not holding up your end of the deal. I am very disappointed in you lately. I hope this little talk has ruined your self-esteem. Well, I think it's obvious I was not having a good day here, and also that I am a tiny bit high strung.

*Finals week is despicable. This morning my flash drive died. The flash drive I have used to store every assignment I've done for the past 2 years. Including 2 that I have not turned in yet. Like a truly educated person I DID NOT back up any of it anywhere. I feel certain this would have never happened to Princess Leia. I cannot explain what Princess Leia has to do with this tragedy, except that I was on the verge of a breakdown and possibly my mind went to a galaxy far far away as a protective mechanism.

If feel a little sorry for my phone, I mean it can't even change the subject when I start rambling about who knows what. This could explain why it gives me bad directions sometimes. Revenge.

Friday, June 12, 2015

I always say, mocking your children online is the most sincere way of showing affection...

...or something like that.

A few weeks ago, I'm sitting at work, minding my own business, when I get this text....

I've learned that at times like these, you can either cry and feel like a parental failure, or laugh and figure, "it is what it is". In the past I've been more likely to go with the first option, but you know what? I'm too tired. She's the 5th child, and I'm done. EXHAUSTED YO!!

I'm mean, how terrible can person feel when they find out they are failing, knowing that they haven't done their homework "pretty much this whole quarter"?.

Here's to summer school and learning things the hard way!! Woo Hoo!!!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Does this thing still work?

Hey, look. My blog is still here. Hmm.

It feels like it has been months since I've written anything here....probably because it's literally been MONTHS since I've written anything here.

"I'm just SO busy", feels like my mantra/battlecry lately. Although, in truth, I'm not sure I'm any busier these days than I have ever been, It's just a different kind of busy. But...school is out for the summer, and even though I still don't feel like I'm rolling in free time, I'm going to try to catch up a little.

So, in backwards order, I give you the goings on about town....

On Wednesday, Sylvan and I drove to California to pick up Wesley who has been on a 10 month deployment in the Middle East. This was our first time seeing a ship come in, so we really didn't know what to expect. His carrier is based on Coronado Island, and we were told that we would be able to see it coming in from the beach on base.

 We got there early, and got as close as we could before this sign (and a young sailor with a blowhorn and a gun) kept us from having the perfect view. The Navy apparently has a problem allowing civilians on their firing ranges. Whatever.

 The whole way in there was a group of Navy helicopters flying overhead and as they got closer you could see the sailors, in their whites, "manning the rails". It was quite the sight.

 After they passed the beach they went around the island to their "parking spot", where it literally took an hour for 2 little tug boats to push the carrier to the dock.
 As they were getting into place, the loudspeakers were playing music that has obviously been tested on the mothers of lab rats and been proven to produce tears, even in the most country music hating of all women. I was already a wreck, so that, U.S. Navy, seemed a bit unnecessary.
 FINALLY, they started letting them off the ship. I honestly had no idea that it would take SO long. The parking, the tying off, the cranes putting the ramps and stairs into place. Good golly. Then, because there are so many crew members (around 6000), it took another couple of hours before we were finally able to hug Wes.

It was a long day, but SO worth it.
 There were so many loved ones there to support these men and women, it was amazing. I cried over every reunion(of COURSE I DID), and finally seeing Wesley was the best feeling. It has been hard having him gone for so long, and I as I stood there all day watching these men and women hug their spouses and kids, or see their newborns for the first time EVER....gah. The emotions. 

I'm going to quit now, before I launch into a sappy patriotic love song or some such nonsense. 
Hug a soldier, be kind to others, have a great day.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Madness is real y'all

I might be busy, but I'm not dead. I've been fitting in as much basketball as possible, though it's sad how little that has worked out to be this year. On the bright side, if anyone would like to discuss the differences between Locke and Rousseau, I'm your girl.

So, next weekend is Selection Sunday. Woo Hoo!!

I created a bracket group this morning. I don't have time to write a lengthy post about my love of Kentucky basketball, and most especially tournament time, but I have linked to a couple of past posts on the subject and copied and pasted the rules to our little competition below.

Same deal as always (almost).~
1. Click on this link if you're looking for the "friends & family plan", but this link if you're looking for the work group. (Feel free to join either group, or both*, I created 2 so the work people wouldn't feel any social anxiety when my brother's and I start trash talking and whatnot.)
2. If you've played before just use your same login/password from last time, or you can login through your facebook account.
3Pick your teams.
4. When your team wins you get points, whoever has the most points at the end of the tournament wins. (I don't care how your office bookie scores his bracket group, we will be using the ESPN rules, which do not require me to do any math, thankyouverymuch.)
5. Winner gets one shirt, any team they want. Unless you don't like prizes, or you feel weird about claiming prizes, or you don't wear shirts. If you're just in it for the glory I get it. (Not really, but I'll pretend like I do so you don't have to feel awkward.)

You will not be able to start filling in your brackets until next Sunday evening after all of the teams have been announced. The group will remain open until tip off of the March 19th games, at that time the group will lock. 

May the Force be with you!

The Play-in Round

Bracket Strategy

*You can join both groups, but there will only be one shirt per person. Dig?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

More of the same...

Right, so clearly to the story of my life these days is that I AM A MASTER PROCRASTINATOR!!! I sat down an hour ago to do homework and everything was going fine until I clicked on a Daily Show link, one thing led to another, then BOOM!! An hour gone and nothing to show for it. (I also ate half a dozen chocolate chip cookies. I can't even think about the amount of time I would waste or calories I would consume if the weekend were more than 2 days long.)

Anyway, I'm just about to get jiggy with the homework, but first, I felt it was important to document the craziness going on in our bathroom. 

What the??
Obviously there is an odor situation. I pretty much don't have the time or the desire to get to the bottom of it. Whatever.

Also, in no less than 4 rooms of our home the lighting is less than stellar due to the fact that bulbs are burning out at a normal rate, but not being replaced at any rate at all, because my husband has decided that regular stores are charging outrageous prices for light bulbs, a crisis I, in my obliviousness had not noticed and even now am skeptical of its existence, but never fear, he is not taking this outrage lying down. NO SIR! He has made it clear he will not buy light bulbs until he finds the best deal. Costco. Amazon....? Consequently, here we are, living in the future, about to be reading by candlelight for lack reasonably priced artificial illumination.

Some days....I just don't know.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

blabbity blah blah blah...

Once again I should be doing homework, but instead I'm here. I'm SUCH a good procrastinator! I should find a way to make a living putting things off.

I watched next to last episode ever of Parenthood this morning and bawled like a baby. It's a little bit embarrassing how invested I am in that show. I'm really going to miss them. I'll probably just have to start over from the beginning and watch every episode again.

I don't really have anything to say. Well...that's not entirely true, I always have something to say, But mostly I'm just avoiding analyzing the 2003 Iraq invasion so I can write an essay that is between 100 and 1000 words. Doesn't that seem like a lot of wiggle room? 100 to 1000 words? I've been trying to think of a way to keep it right a 100 words just to be funny, but I don't think my teacher shares my unique sense of humor so that would probably not end well for me.

Okay. Enough stalling. I'm off.

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