Monday, September 29, 2014


I have 2 exams this week so I took the day off from work to study. I am currently 100 feet into the procrastination portion of my study plan. I have checked facebook and instagram, eaten 3 rice crispy treats, and done a load of laundry. The next logical step seemed to be to get started on the flashcards write a blog post.

I've been missing my kids lately.

Especially this one~


He's just over a month into a nine month deployment to the Mediterranean Sea. It already feels like he's been gone forever.

But its not just the kid that's out in the middle of the ocean who I miss. I miss all of my kids. As they grow up we spend less and less time together and I know less and less about their day to day lives and it makes me sad. A little. I mean I know this is how it's supposed to be, Circle of life and all that crap. But you know what? There are days I love to go back 10 years and just freeze things.

Time flies and it's just not fair. 

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