Sunday, August 17, 2014

Trying to catch up...

Ugh! I am swamped lately, and my classes don't even start until next week. (To say I'm a tiny bit nervous would be a GIANT understatement.) However, life goes on and we handle what we can, right? Working in the office has proved to be pretty much what I thought it would be. The work part hasn't changed, and it's not that being there is so terrible, it's just that NOT being at home and NOT having any flexibility is kind of inconvenient. (I was going to say terrible, but I'm trying to have perspective and not be an overstater, so I used restraint. Please feel free to compliment my mature attitude.)

Anywho, on the bright side (?) one week each month we get to work a 4-10's schedule so we can have a Friday off. That was this past week, and I hate to brag, but I KILLED it this weekend. I got SO much done. I grocery shopped, I did ALL of the laundry, cooked meals and FROZE them (like a domestic goddess), got all of my folders, highlighters, and favorite pencils packed and ready for my first day of school (like the neurotic nerd that I am), cleaned my house (though, not to a "having visitors" level, mostly just to a "we're not about to die from the unsanitary condidtions up in here" level), I voted, and completed, or at least got a good start on a host of other minor errands and neglected tasks. I'm not gonna lie. I was feeling pretty accomplished by the end of the day yesterday. Who knows how long it will last (about 3 days is my guess), but it will be nice to start the week a little ahead of the game. 

I am sorely behind in the business of chronicling our lives for posterity. I'm going to try to catch up a bit this week. I'm starting with a quick trip we took to Tucson in June, and I just realized I didn't post about Mother's Day yet, so that will be next. 

When I was growing up my parents were awesome about taking us to see stuff. We were constantly going to museums and battleships, or to see local landmarks. My grandpa was the king of finding off the beaten path places to show us (think "world's largest ball of string") and I remember many times when my mom would get up early, fry some chicken and make some potato salad (FROM SCRATCH), then pack a picnic (IN A BASKET) and we would drive to Lincoln's birthplace, or the Stephen Foster Home, or when we were driving her nuts, maybe to a whiskey distillery. (I grew up in Kentucky, where it's perfectly normal for people take their kids to see where the magic happens.)

They were great times. I'm sure my brothers and I were kicking and screaming all the way, but that's not what I remember, I remember that my parents made it a priority to get us out of the house and to show us stuff. 

When our kids were younger we were pretty good about going places, but eventually there were 5 of them and 2 of us and we were (are) all busy and blah blah blah. SOOOO, this summer I decided to bring back the traditions I was raised with and drag my kids to see some crap they could care less about in the name of making memories. 

The first stop on the torture train was a trip to the Titan Missile Museum, just outside of Tucson. It's a Cold War missile silo and the tour was super interesting. The whole time I was thinking of how much my grandpa would have loved it. I didn't fry any chicken, but I think they had fun anyway. 
 This picture was taken after the tour, so maybe they're just smiling because it's over. 
(Don't ask why he's wearing a tie. I don't know. I don't ask anymore.)

The tour is not long (I think about an hour) and the volunteers who run the museum were great. If you live around here and you're interested in making your kids miserable too, here's a link...

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