Friday, May 23, 2014


Summer school starts next week so I'm on a short break from school. I need it. I really ramped the crazy up there at the end. I'm telling you what, nobody does nutso quite as well as I do. You know, I think if you're going to do something you should always try to be the best, even if that thing is being a completely irrational whack job. I found 3 or 4 drafts of posts I'd written in fits of anxiety during the last month of classes. I'm not going to make you read them, I'm insane, but at least I know it. That's half the battle, right? Or something like that.

I'm going to try to do some catching up on things over the summer. I'm miss writing. Not that I haven't written in the last 3 months, I just haven't written about important things....like ME, in the last 3 months. And heaven knows, if I don't write about my feelings no one else is going to. (And why is that??? Does NO ONE care about MY feelings???)

Speaking of feelings....
There's a whiskey shortage, were you aware of that? How, in this day and age, have we turned into a world that runs out of whiskey?? Next thing you know you'll be telling me we're running low on bacon.

You want to know what there is NOT a shortage of? Shoes. At least not in my closet. Apparently in an effort to... I don't even KNOW what, I have been stocking up on shoes. In the past few months I have bought more shoes than a person who works from home has any good excuse for owning. It's really not like me to be so shoppy. Truly.
Franco Sarto 'Quello' Sandal (Nordstrom Exclusive)Steve Madden 'Destiney' Flat
{I only bought one pair of these (forest green), but lemme tell you, it took great restraint.}

I should probably shift my interests to stockpiling liquor, at least if things get rough I can probably sell it off and recoup some of my losses. Or at least drink away my sorrows.

Are you guys watching Mad Men? OMG! The nipple? AND I can't help it. I know Don has made his own soggy bed but I want things to turn out okay for him. I even want things to turn out okay for Bettty. Though I realize that would require a Dr. Phil sized intervention and is very unlikely to happen. Oh, and poor poor Peggy. She just can't win. I suppose, Mad Men isn't really a show about people winning, is it? I mean who would want to watch that? 

See, this here is why I can't write when school is in session. I start out just going to say one little thing, like "hi!", next thing you know I've gone on and on about NOTHING. It's a little sad, A. that I have so much to say about nothing and B. that I keep it bottled  up most of the time. 

Alright, I'm going to shut up...for now....

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