Tuesday, May 27, 2014

And then I made the best playlist EVER.

Saturday we were running errands. For the record, I prefer to run errands alone, but if word gets out that I'm going to Costco suddenly everyone in the house wants to go. Apparently no one can resist a lunch of tiny bites of food served my cranky ladies wearing hairnets. However, all of those little bites of sausage and bread aren't free, the cost of a sample lunch at Costco is listening to my playlist in the car. I personally think that's a bargain, but judging by the amount of whining every time the Beastie Boys come on, some people do not agree.

Can I just say, it's a sad thing when the youth of today (and a some husbands) do not appreciate the cleverness of Mike D and his homies? A SAD SAD DAY.

All of the moaning and groaning got me thinking about what other classics my children (and husband) need to be exposed to in order to be more well rounded musically. So I decided to get out my CD collection and crank it up a notch.

I'm so glad I did. I haven't imported any CDs to my itunes account in years, mostly because we moved (5 years ago) and all of my CDs were in a box and I've been too lazy busy to get them out, but get them out I did. I spent wayyy too much time reliving the past through song. My stroll down memory lane started with my INXS collection. Which is vast. (All told, it weighs in at 5 hours and 9 glorious minutes of 80's nostalgia)

Then I added some Clash, Pink Floyd, Jonhnny Cash, and Skinny Puppy.

It was like Christmas when I found my Empire Records soundtrack. Don't you LOVE the Empire Records soundtrack? What ever happened to The Cranberries anyway?

I'm telling you what, my kids are gonna LOVE our next road trip.


The Running Couple said...

Skinny Puppy? Seriously? :)

I do love the Empire Records Soundtrack though!

The Running Couple said...

Skinny Puppy? I do love the Empire Records soundtrack though!