Sunday, March 16, 2014

Think of it as Episode 4

I'm going to be re-posting a few old posts full of basketball talk. If you hate basketball then the next couple of weeks are going to be really annoying around here for you. Maybe instead of reading blogs you can schedule some time with a therapist to find out where your irrational dislike of the best thing EVER comes from. 

Just kidding!!

Originally posted 3/7/12

Don't you hate hate hate the way the Star Wars movies have "episode numbers"? My kids never say The Empire Strikes Back, they say, Episode 5. So stupid. First of all, if anything it's Episode 2. Secondly it's not an Episode, an episode is like 30 minutes of The Office. Right? The Empire Strikes Back is a movie. The whole mixing up the numbers has kind of put a cloud over my childhood. It's a little bit tragic.

That's kind of how Round One of the NCAA tournament is. Using my limited knowledge of tournament who-ha's I'm going to try to explain things, but it's going to be boring and possibly (likely) confusing, and the bottom line is that Round 2 is REALLY the 1st round so don't worry about episode 4.

Here goes~

There is a selection process to determine which 68 teams will be able to enter the tournament. 30 teams get in automatically by winning their conference tournaments. The Ivy League doesn't have a tournament they just send the winner of their regular season because they are a private club, not a conference. That makes 31 teams, leaving 37 more, "at large", spots. Those spots are filled with teams chosen by a committee who makes decisions based on all kinds of things like national ranking, cutest cheerleaders, and strongest mascot. This naturally leaves room for interpretation, and also a few hard feelings among those whose teams don't get selected. (Sorry Santa Cruz Banana Sluggers)

Once the teams are picked and seeded (ranked), on Selection Sunday the brackets are released. The 4 lowest seeded automatic (if you consider winning your conference automatic) teams play the 4 lowest seeded "at large" teams in Episode 4 Round 1. This was formerly known as the Play-In round, but for who knows why, probably to generate confusion, it is now known as Round 1.

Round 1 will not be on your brackets but you should pay attention to it a little bit, even if it's just to know who the teams are because the winners of Round 1 WILL be on your brackets, but not until it's too late. Got it? Me neither.  In my opinion, just like the 8's & 9's, it's pretty much a coin toss. If you have other insight please share in the comments. PLEASE.

My advice to you is if you really want to understand all of this stuff you go either here, or here, and see what someone with actual knowledge has to say.

And.....if you're sick of basketball talk, come over tomorrow when we will explore my crazy on a deep and revealing level.

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