Thursday, March 13, 2014

The best part was smelling like a coconut all summer long.

Yesterday all that talk about Hawaiian Tropic reminded me of this secret tanning concoction my mom used to make. It was baby oil and iodine. When applied correctly it gave your skin a bit of an orange tint. I know, RIGHT?! I'm not sure of the ratio (I'd guess something like 20 parts baby oil to 1 part iodine, Mom? Care to share your recipe?). Anyway, I was just thinking about how my friends and I would LITERALLY fry ourselves for hours at a time, turning our lounge chairs to insure we were always DIRECTLY under the sun. Heaven forbid you roast unevenly.

Crazy, right? Now I wear sunscreen all the time and I would never let my kids get all slimed up with oil and sunbathe. I mean really...CANCER!! It's real. Maybe because I grew up in Kentucky my mom didn't feel like we were close enough to the actual surface of the Sun, but here, in Arizona, I'm mean, it's almost like you can reach right out and touch it, so, I don't know, maybe that makes a difference. Also, it was the 80's. If a tan was important to Don Johnson and Mr. Roark it was important to all of us.

Speaking of basketball...

Here's a link to the bracket group. It's called Sue's 2014 Group. I know, I'm the most original group namer EVAH. 

Same deal as last year.~
1. Click on the link.
2. If you've played before just use your same login/password from last time, or you can login through your facebook account.
3Pick your teams.
4. When your team wins you get points, whoever has the most points at the end of the tournament wins. (I don't care how your office bookie scores his bracket group, we will be using the ESPN rules, which do not require me to do any math, thankyouverymuch.)
5. Winner gets one shirt, any team they want. Unless you don't like prizes, or you feel weird about claiming prizes, or you don't wear shirts. If you're just in it for the glory I get it. (Not really, but I'll pretend like I do so you don't feel awkward.)

You will not be able to start filling in your brackets until Sunday evening after all of the teams have been announced. The group will remain open until tip off of the March 20th games, at that time the group will lock. 

May the odds be ever in my your favor, and all that jazz.

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