Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Miles to go before I sleep

Or millions of math problems to work.

I have a math test this morning so, naturally, last night, while I should have been sleeping, imaginary numbers and square roots of things were running through my brain and the whole time Taylor Swift was singing in the background. Gah!

Stinking Taylor Swift. Does she bug you? She bugs me. She's all sweet and smiley on the outside, but I think girlfriend is a little bitter on the  inside. And, how in the world does she con men into singing duets with her? Does she call them up and say, "hey, I wrote another song about love.....going south.....because of the guy....wanna sing it with me?" I think the twinkle in her eyes must have like some James Bond gadget hypnotic powers and that's why they say yes.

I mentioned I didn't sleep much last night, right?

Anyway, here's Taylor, giving ultimatums to what appears to be a perfectly nice young man.

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