Monday, March 17, 2014

Finally, the expert advice I promised.

Reposted from 3/9/12

My brother was kind enough to write up a few REAL ideas for bracket strategy. I think he's spot on, until he starts knocking the mascot method, but whatever.......Thanks Scott!!

Okay okay. Here it is. The long awaited Bracketology or my thinking on this. You can pick Kentucky to go all the way and win or you can pick Duke and lose early.

On to a more serious level. A few things to watch. Never in the history of the NCAA tournament have the (4) #1 teams made it to the Final Four, so if you are looking at your bracket thinking that may happen you may want to reconsider. Also something to really watch is the fact that just because Kentucky has had close to a flawless season doesn’t make them a shoe in for the Final Four or the Championship. Every team in the country knows this and will come out hoping that they will be able to say that they are the team that knocked Kentucky out of the tournament.

So as you look at seed rankings on Sunday evening and Monday look at some of the individual teams. Personally I still have a lot of faith that the Ohio State Buckeyes are going to do some damage in the tournament. Look at Notre Dame. That team had some big wins before they finally got some respect this year and got ranked. I tend to put a lot of faith in the SEC and little faith in the western Pac-12 and Mtn West Conference teams. ACC teams are going to be solid to watch this year as well. Duke you can pretty much put your money on them making the Sweet 16 along with UNC and possibility even Florida State this year.

The little schools will be someone’s bracket buster for sure, so don’t count them all out, but on the flip side of that most of them are so happy that they even got invited to the tourney they will try their best, but still fall short.

Last recommendation. Don’t use the stupid Mascot picking or the seed picking, but budget 15 minutes today and 45 minutes on Saturday while you’re waiting on your kids and read up on ESPN or Fox Sports about some of the teams. Look back at early in the season to see how some of these teams started and how they finished.

Good luck.


(Sunday morning I'll post the link to the ESPN group and the rules for our little contest.)

Note~Remember this is an OLD post, do not go thinking Duke is going anywhere near the Sweet 16 this year, also all that stuff about Kentucky? Sadly, words from another era. 


lori.huffaker said...

I am using my own proven(not really) method of having my really really smart basketball loving son pick mine for me. Your in trouble for sure!!!!

Michelle said...

This is my 87 year old Meme's very favorite time of the year. She's an Ohio State basketball junkie.