Saturday, February 15, 2014

We like to keep things spicy around here.

I wasn't going to post this because A. It feels too personal and B. It makes me cry every time I re-read it, and 3. blah blah blah, but this is my journal and this is what's going on. So, there ya go. I mean, here ya go....

A couple weeks ago, post Super Bowl Monday, to be exact, Ivy stayed home from school sick, with what we thought was the flu. She was vomiting and tired and I figured a couple of days of rest would do the trick. Tuesday morning she was feeling worse. A lot worse. She looked horrible, dark circles around her eyes, her cheeks were hollow, and she couldn't keep anything down, she just wanted to drink and sleep. It popped into my mind at one point that this was a really bad flu and I hoped I didn't catch it. I'm a humanitarian for sure. Late Tuesday afternoon she started to breath rapidly and began to get a little disoriented. All day I'd had a nagging feeling that it was more than the flu. Sylvan is usually the voice of reason when something is going on with the kids, but he was working in Tucson and wasn't going to be home until Thursday, I've been accused of overreacting on more than one occasion, so I'd let her sleep most of the day, but at this point I decided I didn't care if I was overreacting, we were going to Urgent Care.

They got her all checked in and tried some tricks to get her to slow down her breathing while we waited for the results of the blood work. She was so sick and I was trying really hard not to let her know how worried I was. I don't know that I've ever been that honestly scared about one of my kids. I was really hoping it was just some kind of an asthma attack and they were going to give her a breathing treatment and send us home, then I'd feel silly for getting so freaked out and it would be one of those stories, "Remember the time I had an asthma attack and mom thought I was going to die? HAHAHA!" Unfortunately, it turns out, once in a while my gut is right. We had probably only been there 20 minutes or so, when they came in to tell us that she has Type 1 Diabetes and they were calling an ambulance to take us to the hospital. 

The ER was like a scene from, you know, ER. All of these people around her, cutting off her clothes, asking me questions. My gosh. I'm such a worrier. I sit around imagining scenarios all the time of dangerous things that could happen to our kids. Sylvan always tells me that I can't keep them in a bubble and now here we are with this thing that I never even imagined and I couldn't keep from happening by not letting her have sleepovers with people I hadn't run a background check on. 

They sent her to the ICU and told me she would need to be in the hospital for several days. Her blood sugar was over 1100 when we brought her to Urgent Care. (They told us that between 80 and 120 is normal for those of us without diabetes). They had to put her on a slow insulin drip because bringing her blood sugar down quickly could cause brain swelling and hemorrhaging. At hemorrhaging I almost bit a hole in my lip. I have never ever ever prayed so hard that someone would come in and say "Oops! We made a mistake, it's just asthma after all! Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience." 

Sylvan drove home that night and we spent the rest of the week learning how to take care of things once we got home. She was in the ICU for two days before they moved her a regular room. On Friday evening they released her and we got to come home and put everything they'd taught us into practice. 

It's been a week and so far things are going okay. She went to school all week without any problems so, you know, instead of feeling relieved I'm obviously waiting for the other shoe to drop. (Like I'm some kind of 3 legged man because holy cow my kid is insulin dependent for the rest of her life, how many shoes do I think are gonna drop?!)

I know that it's going to be fine, and that there are so many things worse than diabetes, but dang it. Ya know? 

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Ginger said...

Oh Sue... I am so sorry! My sister's son was staying with us the summer before last and the day they came to get him, they had a similar experience. He had been sick at my house all week and the whole time it was Type 1 Diabetes... It is a scary thing. Your family will be in my prayers. Thank goodness you got her in. I can't imagine - 1100!!!??? My nephew was in the 700's when my sister took him in and THAT was serious. Ivy must have been VERY sick. If you need someone to talk to - please call me... I've been through this with my sister as she has been learning for the past year and a half. Hang in there!