Thursday, January 23, 2014

Everything dies, but sometimes not soon enough.

Yeah, that thing I said a couple days ago about not writing? Do not take this post to be a retraction of that post, BUT, I do need some advice.

We have this cat (we actually have 3 cats because I am married to an old cat lady, but that's another story for another day), anyway, this one cat, she is OLD. Like 116 in cat years (just kidding, I don't know what cat years are, or why they would be any different than people years, do cats and dogs live in a time warp? Can we not just accept that cats and dogs do not live as long as people and call it good? No one ever talks about insect years...."In the life of a cockroach, 15 minutes is the equivalent of 3 human years..."), she's almost 19, I think.

Mostly her health is fine, she's blind in one eye and has a little bald spot on the back of her neck, but her dating days are over, if you know what I mean, so those things don't really hold her back, ya know? However....she's started throwing up, like 3 or 4 times a week. Usually right after she eats breakfast, and she mostly refuses to use the litter box. She uses the floor of the bathroom. Right next to the toilet, which, I mean, if you're not going to use the litter box, I suppose the bathroom floor is pretty close, right?

Here's the thing, my family is done with her. They're all heartless souls who are tired of cleaning up after her and they're ready to have her put down. During family prayer 2 nights ago my husband prayed that she would die peacefully, and soon. He's resorted to praying for her death because I'm the lone holdout. Every time we talk about taking her to the vet it really gets me emotional. I don't know what the deal is, besides MAYBE she's lived with us for longer than some of our children and I'm a little bit attached to her and she's not in pain, aside from the post breakfast vomit and litter box issue, she's healthy. She sleeps a lot, but I mean, she's a cat, it's what they do. Someday I'm going to be old and have a few (more) quirks, and I'm telling you what, my family is making me a little nervous.

So, I come to you, wise readers, and ask, what would you do? Knock her off or wait it out?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oh Gosh,

You know what? I don't want to complain. And I guess I'm not really complaining because I like being in school, I like it quite a lot, but going to school and working and trying to keep up with the laundry just doesn't leave time for blogging. I think I'm going to have to accept it.

I bought a little planner/notebook that I've been writing in everyday, just a few details, thinking that it would help me remember stuff, and I could maybe once a week write about that stuff. Sadly, it's not anything exciting enough to recycle here and mostly not even anything worth remembering....

1/5/14 Downton Abbey!!!
1/11/14 Ran errands. KY won
1/14/14 My math teacher is an ass
1/16/14 Math teacher might not be so bad
1/18/14 Went to bed early

What I'm getting at is, A.on paper my life looks a little pathetic, and B. if you're looking for fun and or funny, or even just content, I'm not sure I can help you out right now.

ps~ I don't even want to know what it says about my ego that I think I need to make this announcement to the 3 people who read this stupid blog, one of whom is my mother. Sheesh.