Friday, December 27, 2013

Sometimes you're faced with a choice.....

A. Cry
B. Laugh
C. Take a pill so when you laugh it doesn't come out all forced and fake.

About a week ago as we were leaving our house to have our family pictures taken, I picked C. Which either makes me the worst mom ever, or most practical, I can't decide. Either way, turns out it was the best choice because, here's something you might not know, sometimes, teenagers are more difficult to photograph than toddlers, and if you don't take your anti-anxiety medication before the photo-shoot, you might end up physically harming someone, and the visual evidence of that NEVER makes for good Christmas cards.

Our photographer, in addition to being really good at the picture taking part, has a great sense of humor, loads of patience, and MAD photoshop skills, all of which came in handy when she was editing our pictures.

On Monday afternoon I got a text from her. 
It was this picture and it said, "I am switching a lot of heads over here."
 All of my holiday dreams nightmares were coming true. 
Turns out that was not the only shot of Nate using his photo ruining superpowers.
I spend a lot of time wondering where I went wrong. I see everyone's lovely families hanging on their walls and they're all smiling and sweet.... then there's our family. Year after year without fail one of our boys is making a goofy face in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE and I just end up picking the least goofy shot to hang on the wall. Mostly I've come to accept that it is what it is, but sometimes.....grrrrrr!

 In the end it all worked out this year. 
Mostly because our photographer is AMAZING!

 P.S.~ New Year's cards are on their way. Better late than never, right?

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