Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out with the old.....

As we close out the year there are a few things I need to say, you know, so we can start 2014 with a clean slate and all.

1. During the last 5 days I have left my house....in my car, not just like, to get the mail or something... wearing both of these ensembles. I don't even know what to say, besides my feet get cold and the people who live in places with actual weather are super lucky I don't live there. I don't even want to think about where this could go if I had to think about water/snow proofing.

Yes, those ARE thermal pajama bottoms covered in glittery snowflakes, do you have some too?
 ~the socks on the right aren't so bad until you notice the turquoise peace signs on each ankle.~
2. This giant Justin Bieber is in my backyard and I don't know why. I woke up Saturday morning and he was here. Good grief.

 3. After the joy of Christmas wore off I took a look at my account balances and decided it would be prudent to take a break from buying stuff, just for a little while. Unfortunately, this morning I had to take a break from my break when I was forced to buy this shirt. I'm sure you can understand why....
Gophers....wearing wigs....saying "can't gopher that"....I HAD TO!!! They're Maneaters....they make my dreams come true.... It's the gift I didn't get for Christmas because I didn't know it existed and therefore could not know I wanted. 

 4. Kentucky beat Louisville on Saturday. That was a gift I DID know I wanted.

There you go. I feel much better now. 

Do you have big New Year's Eve plans? We usually stay home and go to bed early, but this year I'm feeling like I want to do something else. Not like hit the clubs or anything, just like maybe dinner and a movie. It's pretty likely that my urge to go out has something to do with the fact that I told Ivy she could have some friends over, meaning there is going to be a gaggle of teenage girls ringing in the new year with our giant Justin Beiber, and I'm feeling like I need to put a little distance between myself and that celebration.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Sometimes you're faced with a choice.....

A. Cry
B. Laugh
C. Take a pill so when you laugh it doesn't come out all forced and fake.

About a week ago as we were leaving our house to have our family pictures taken, I picked C. Which either makes me the worst mom ever, or most practical, I can't decide. Either way, turns out it was the best choice because, here's something you might not know, sometimes, teenagers are more difficult to photograph than toddlers, and if you don't take your anti-anxiety medication before the photo-shoot, you might end up physically harming someone, and the visual evidence of that NEVER makes for good Christmas cards.

Our photographer, in addition to being really good at the picture taking part, has a great sense of humor, loads of patience, and MAD photoshop skills, all of which came in handy when she was editing our pictures.

On Monday afternoon I got a text from her. 
It was this picture and it said, "I am switching a lot of heads over here."
 All of my holiday dreams nightmares were coming true. 
Turns out that was not the only shot of Nate using his photo ruining superpowers.
I spend a lot of time wondering where I went wrong. I see everyone's lovely families hanging on their walls and they're all smiling and sweet.... then there's our family. Year after year without fail one of our boys is making a goofy face in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE and I just end up picking the least goofy shot to hang on the wall. Mostly I've come to accept that it is what it is, but sometimes.....grrrrrr!

 In the end it all worked out this year. 
Mostly because our photographer is AMAZING!

 P.S.~ New Year's cards are on their way. Better late than never, right?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Well hey there blog...how you doin'?

When I woke up this morning I discovered that somehow during the night, probably while checking the time to see if I could squeeze in 10 more minutes before my alarm went off, I accidentally tried to Facetime my Granny. Fortunately I don't think my Granny even HAS a cell phone, and if she does I guarantee you it does NOT have the ability to Facetime. Thank heavens, because if the connection had been successful I would have been in for quite the talking to at 3 a.m.

So! The semester is over and I'm really looking forward to just doing my regular stuff for a few weeks. Who would have ever guessed that ONLY working 40 hours a week and trying to keep up with life and whatnot could feel like a vacation? I'd like to brag about my grades, but A. I'm not a bragger, and B. I've already been informed that community college is not REAL college and that I can take my A's that I earn there and add them to the B's and C's I get after I transfer to an actual university and see how things pan out. It reminds me of when I came home from the gym that time super excited to have run a long distance on the treadmill, and one of our kids overheard telling my husband and let me know that running on a treadmill is not the same as REALLY running. And that friends, is what family is for, no chance of anybody getting too big for their britches around here.

I leave you with this.......

It's a jar of dead scorpions that resides on my brother's back porch. Every time they kill one they put it in the jar for.........who knows. Not creepy AT ALL.