Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Brown paper packages and all that jazz

I don't have a lot of favorite things. There are things that I like quite a bit, and when I discover something new (or new to me) I for sure have a tendency to rave on and on about it. But when asked about my favorite stuff I generally have a hard time pinning anything down. I don't have a favorite restaurant, or song, or even book. I have lots of things that I like a lot, but for most of the time there's not a clear front-runner. Sometimes I feel like a weirdo, because EVERYONE has favorites except me. What's up with that?

This morning though, I looked at the calendar and realized that November is definitely one of my favorite things. The weather is (finally) turning cooler and I can wear sweaters, which I love to do, just not enough to move somewhere truly sweater friendly. I love Thanksgiving and the anticipation of Christmas (which I think I prefer to actual Christmas. Anticipation is lovely, don't you think?). November is also perfect for hot drinks and hot breakfasts. Neither of which are things I personally enjoy, but I like the idea of sending my family out the door after serving them a satisfying bowl of warm (mushy) oatmeal and a big steaming mug of hot chocolate. Not that I really DO that, but the idea of it makes me feel very cozy. And finally, the best part of November is that I can listen to Christmas music all day long if I want to. I mean, technically, I'm an adult who CAN listen anytime she wants all year long, but the ridicule from friends and family shames me into saving it for November.

Now instead of feeling like a weirdo who has no favorites I can worry about being the only weirdo who doesn't like oatmeal.

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