Thursday, October 17, 2013

What? A post that's NOT about school?!

Last weekend we took a quick trip to California. First we went to San Diego to see Wes, he's stationed on Coronado Island.
 We were able to stay in the Navy Lodge, which I must say is one lovey perk of having your child in the Navy. 
 Here's a great picture of Wesley. 
Sylvan took it.
With his phone.
Ah, technology.
 Because of the government shut down there were no rules on base so we were allowed to roam freely all over the Wesley's ship. Just kidding! There were TONS of rules, enforced very competent security in the form of U.S. Navy sailors. They were very nice, but strict, we weren't even allowed to wear sandals on board, you know, in case an anchor landed on our feet or something. We also weren't allowed to take photos of anything important. Something about national security or some mumbo jumbo.

Our tour was basically us walking around this giant ship (it's an aircraft carrier) while Wesley said things like, "behind that door we make ......"
 or "down there is where the magic happens." He never said if it was the kind of magic involving wands and spells, or if it was just card tricks. The point is, we were not permitted behind the doors, however, we were permitted to take pictures of the doors.
 So we did. 
This one is painted with an interesting mural that I'm positive represents the business taking place on the other side.
I didn't care that much about not seeing behind the doors because I was so distracted by all of the shiny copper and brass everywhere. I could not stop thinking about the poor guy whose job it must be to keep it all looking so sparkly and free of fingerprints. Bless his heart.
 Here are some of us frolicking on the beach.
 Here are some of us in a rare moment of having fun and loving each other.
 Here is one of us having the travel breakfast of champions while making the entire car stink of fake hickory smoke.
 Here is the one and only picture I took at Six Flags, from the parking lot, because I am a horrible mother who was more interested in riding roller coasters than capturing memories. 
Sorry kids.

That's it. We had fun, it was great having all of our kids with us, you'll just have to take my word for it that they were all there since I failed to properly document it with photos. They were ALL there and they ALL had fun. Even Sylvan who rode the Drop of Doom twice with Ivy.

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