Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Coming up with a catchy title is not happening today.

I know I'm not a champion blogger these days. Eh. It is what it is, right? The worst part about not blogging is that I really do use this as my journal (my very public humiliating journal, what kind of a weirdo am I?) and all kinds of things are going on that I don't want to forget, and I'm POSTIVE if I don't write them down I'm going to forget them, my brain is way overloaded with things to remember these days.

Almost every night I have these crazy school related dreams. A few weeks ago I went to see Captain Phillips, that night I dreamt that Somali pirates were forcing me to graph things in slope intercept form. Over and over and OVER. The pressure and panic I felt in my dream was pretty much exactly like the pressure and panic I feel everyday doing math.

But, believe it or not, math is not the worst part of being a student. The worst things about going to school are.~

1. Getting out of bed. The actual getting OUT of the bed is not the problem, I'm a morning person and can't sleep past 7:30 even if I'm really really trying to sleep in. On a regular day I'm up by 5:30 or so. BUT now, EVERY SINGLE MORNING my alarm goes off at 5:15. Something about being FORCED out of bed.... You know what I'm sayin'? Ugh.

2.  Getting dressed. If it weren't bad enough that I'm being awakened violently by the gentle trilling of the alarm on my phone, I also have to get dressed. Maybe this makes it sound like before I started school I was just running around nude all day. I assure you this is NOT the case. However, because I work from home I did spend most everyday wearing my pajamas until I changed into my workout clothes or shorts and an old P.E. t-shirt from my kid's jr. high. But NO MORE! Now that I'm going out into the world I have to wear something presentable and adult-like. Ugh. It's exhausting figuring out what to wear everyday. Once I read about this woman who just had like 7 of the same shirts and 7 of the same pants and that's what she wore all the time. That's starting to sound pretty good to me.

3.  Wearing make-up. Holy cow! Have I ever mentioned how much I hate wearing make-up? Well, I do, I hate it. But now that I'm old I NEED it. Otherwise people ask me all day if I'm feeling okay because I look so tired. (Note~This is not an okay thing to ask people, k?) To my horror TWICE in the last 5 days I have gotten in a rush and forgotten to finish my make-up and have gone out (once to CHURCH!) without mascara and only half of my eye-shadow. Apparently, the eye make-up portion of my routine is when I take a break from the mirror and am so susceptible to distraction that I don't make it back to finish the deal. "This is no bueno. Sorry if you had to talk to me and you were forced to decide whether to ask me if I was ill or just look away.

4. Making dinner. I'd love to pretend that before school started I was a master dinner planner/maker, but that would be a big ol' lie. I'm sad to report that things took a turn for the really not healthy last night when our dinner consisted of Spagetti-Os, salad, garlic toast and a large bag of bbq potato chips. I have no excuse. I was determined not to order pizza again and ended up someplace far far worse than take-out.

PS~Tomorrow for Halloween I have to dress up as Mrs. PotatoHead for a work party. Can things get any better? Ha! I think NOT!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What? A post that's NOT about school?!

Last weekend we took a quick trip to California. First we went to San Diego to see Wes, he's stationed on Coronado Island.
 We were able to stay in the Navy Lodge, which I must say is one lovey perk of having your child in the Navy. 
 Here's a great picture of Wesley. 
Sylvan took it.
With his phone.
Ah, technology.
 Because of the government shut down there were no rules on base so we were allowed to roam freely all over the Wesley's ship. Just kidding! There were TONS of rules, enforced very competent security in the form of U.S. Navy sailors. They were very nice, but strict, we weren't even allowed to wear sandals on board, you know, in case an anchor landed on our feet or something. We also weren't allowed to take photos of anything important. Something about national security or some mumbo jumbo.

Our tour was basically us walking around this giant ship (it's an aircraft carrier) while Wesley said things like, "behind that door we make ......"
 or "down there is where the magic happens." He never said if it was the kind of magic involving wands and spells, or if it was just card tricks. The point is, we were not permitted behind the doors, however, we were permitted to take pictures of the doors.
 So we did. 
This one is painted with an interesting mural that I'm positive represents the business taking place on the other side.
I didn't care that much about not seeing behind the doors because I was so distracted by all of the shiny copper and brass everywhere. I could not stop thinking about the poor guy whose job it must be to keep it all looking so sparkly and free of fingerprints. Bless his heart.
 Here are some of us frolicking on the beach.
 Here are some of us in a rare moment of having fun and loving each other.
 Here is one of us having the travel breakfast of champions while making the entire car stink of fake hickory smoke.
 Here is the one and only picture I took at Six Flags, from the parking lot, because I am a horrible mother who was more interested in riding roller coasters than capturing memories. 
Sorry kids.

That's it. We had fun, it was great having all of our kids with us, you'll just have to take my word for it that they were all there since I failed to properly document it with photos. They were ALL there and they ALL had fun. Even Sylvan who rode the Drop of Doom twice with Ivy.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Yep. Another one of THOSE posts.

Warning~There's no theme to this post. I should probably change the name of the blog to Here Lie My 
Incoherent Thoughts. Enjoy.

My brain is spread pretty thin these days, I suppose it will be for the next few years. Which is great. For reals. I love being in school. It's pretty dorky how much I like learning stuff. Even dumb stuff. School is good, but it I'm definitely seeing my anxious tendencies amplified. Yesterday I had a math test that I was super stressed about (the grades of which have STILL not been posted...24 hours later...What up with that math teacher?!), math is so so hard for me. I just DO NOT GET IT, anyway, I was so worried all weekend and all morning yesterday, that when I got home I had a little breakdown and sobbed for like 20 minutes. 20 MINUTES! It was kind of embarrassing.

Today I have a Spanish test, you can just fill in the rest of this paragraph with all of those sentences I wrote up there about the math. GAH!! Spanish!! Aye carumba!

The other day I wore something that I had gotten on sale and I could not remember what I had actually paid for it. I knew the original price and the sale price and amount I told my husband it cost (Now there's a math problem for ya.), but they were all jumbled up in my head and I could not for the life of me remember what it really cost. That ever happen to you? Probably not.

I was going to post some pictures for my mom, but I've used up the 10 minutes I gave myself to blog writing about nonsense, like that's anything new. So, mom, you'll just have to take my word for it that everything is fine here and the children are still alive and (mostly) happy. I'll try to post those pictures in a few weeks days.

Hey! I have to write a paper about something interesting that happened in Arizona's past. I'd LOVE to hear your suggestions!!(Don't say Tombstone. JUST. DON'T. I'm serious.)

(I don't have time to proof read this or edit, so, you know, sorry about the grammar and punctuation and whatnot. You get what you get.)