Thursday, June 27, 2013

So, roadtrips. Super fun, right?

I've just eaten my weight in skittles and we've only been in the car for a couple of hours. 

My sister in law is a runner. This weekend she's running a race called The Western States 100. 

It's 100 miles long. 

Some people are just show offs.

(I'm totally kidding. Both my sister in law and my brother are amazing. I can't even imagine having mental and physical strength they have.)

Anywho, my brother (the beard comber) and I (and my 14 year old son) are driving up to Lake Tahoe to offer support. 

I imagine this involves standing by the road yelling "good job!" over and over, however I've been told there's more to it. Stuff like handing her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and using scalpels to remove blistered skin from her feet. I totally plan to say "good job!" to the person who uses the scalpel, because cutting someone you love with a knife, while they're awake, takes almost as much guts as choosing to run 100 miles.

This morning my sister in law sent me a text saying they had just been to visit a memorial to The Donner Party. At first I thought it was kind of a downer tourist attraction, but I suppose if you are about to use your feet to go 100 miles, maybe a tribute to some people who tried to walk across the country is sort of appropriate. 

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