Thursday, May 23, 2013

For you. A list of terribly interesting things.

So much is going on, I'd love to write about all of it, but alas time constraints and my desire to keep certain relationships in tact don't allow for all to be revealed at this time. That's ok. Here's a list of things I can/will say. Enjoy~

1. Today is the last day of school, which stirs up all sorts of emotions, I took a vote (in my head) and relief is the biggest thing I'm feeling this year. Let's hear it for graduation!!

2. I can hardly stand to look at the news these days. I can't decide if things are rottener or I'm more sensitive, either way I'm looking into making The Daily Show my homepage. If I'm going to have to look at the news every time I open the internet at least I should be able to get Jon Stewart's spin on things, right?

3. If I were 20 years younger and 20 pounds lighter I would be all over these Star Wars leggings.  I saw a girl wearing them at the grocery store last week and I knew immediately we could have been best friends, you know, 20 years ago. Except I'm sure she was a toddler 20 years ago. Anyway, I went straight home and Googled them. You can get yo self some here. They have a whole line of skin tight Star Wars wear, it's a fantastic tribute to the force. As I'm sure you can imagine.

4. My brother has been growing a "beard" for a few months now, maybe longer, I don't pay too much attention. He carries a little comb around in his back pocket, not unlike the comb I carried in my back pocket in the 6th grade to re-feather my bangs periodically throughout the day. Sometimes we'll be just talking, regular stuff (or as regular as it gets with someone who calls you once a day to say "You ain't gonna believe what I'm lookin' at!" Which ranges from pink poodles in shopping malls to the bumper sticker of the day to two headed circus freaks in Circle K.) when all of the sudden!! he will pull out his comb and start running it through his beard. He does this with zero break in conversation. He's a funny man. Truly.

5. Our neighbor has a front yard garden. Last year it was just corn and sunflowers, but this year he's expanded it so it takes up almost the entire front yard and looks to have quite the variety of produce growing. I think I've mentioned before that we have a chihuahua problem in our neighborhood. They roam in packs or 3 or more acting like they own the streets. It's quite the sight. Chilling even. Last week I asked my husband if he thought our neighbor had any problem keeping the chihuahuas out of his garden. You know, the way some people have trouble with deer and rabbits. Which led me to wonder what sorts of things chihuahuas would eat from a garden.....jalepenos? Cilantro? 

6. Then on the way home from church Sunday I saw this lost dog sign and I had to take a picture. It struck me as both hilarious as well as touchingly detailed. The second doggy face in the background? The wood grain on the doghouse? The accuracy of the nipples? I have not been able to stop laughing. I hope they find their pooch. Especially since she has a bad leg.

{Click on the picture to see it ALL of the details. You won't regret it.}

7. Oh how I wish I had time to write about Mad Men, cause, seriously? What the?! And Call the Midwife, do you watch? Did you Sunday? It was very emotional.

8. I'm ashamed to admit this, despite strong recommendations from friends and family, I never really got into Arrested Development. I watched a few episodes here and there but I wasn't devoted. Well..... last week I heard that the new season is going to be released on Netflix, and decided to give the series another try. All I can say is, "What is wrong with me?!" How was I not a devoted fan before?


the running couple said...

I think I have seen that dog!

And, I just ordered a nice beard comb for myself and some of those sexy Star Wars tights for the missus!

Thank you so much, you are helpful as always.

Ginger said...

You never cease to prick my funny bone. All I can say is... you. are. awesome! :)