Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Your mom goes to college

Oh, my poor neglected blog. How long can a girl post nothing before her blog runs away from home? Not that it's a good excuse, but it's been busy around here. Which is a stupid thing to say since it's ALWAYS busy around here. Wesley has been home and I've been more interested in spending time with him than writing about spending time with him. Work never seems to get any less demanding. It's taking more effort than I'd like to admit to get our senior to the finish line. My family still expects me to bring home food and toilet paper. (Honestly, after all these years, you'd think they'd be a little more realistic in their expectations.) AND, if all that weren't enough, I've decided that now is a good time to go back to school. Why not? Right? Part time this summer, full time in the fall......it's as if I've lost my ever loving mind. Again.

I'm one of those people who gets an idea, or hears a new band, or finds a new restaurant.......you name it, and I get totally worked up, I tell everyone about my new favorite thing. Then it wears off and I move on to the next thing and never mention the old thing again. I'm a roller coaster of emotions.

I like to think of it as high spirited.

A few months ago when I started to seriously consider going back to school, I didn't want to tell anyone. I talked to my husband about it, a lot, and we eventually decided to go for it. Then I told my sister-in-law and brother in Virginia, but I was afraid to tell anyone else because what if it was like all the other stuff? What if, just like my overwhelming love of White Tea and Cactus Scentsy Wax, my desire to get an education wore off? What would everyone think?

Then one afternoon I came across the list of goals I've basically been re-committing to every year for the past 5+, and I realized that going to school and getting a degree would bring me pretty dang close to accomplishing everything on the list.....except getting Madonna arms, so who cares if people think I'm too old or too flakey or that I'm nuts for going to school to do something that won't make me rich (social work). I'm excited about it (I'm also terrified, and completely overwhelmed), but just like having so many other things in life, there's never going to be a perfect time to do this, I'm not getting any younger and I'm always going to regret it if I don't so.......here goes nothing.


lori.huffaker said...

I'm with ya! We can do this. But tha doesn't make us any less crazy!

Ginger said...

I just love you! Seriously! Every time you write a post, I think, "Hey! Who is this woman that knows ME?" I mean, like, really knows me.

I think it's completely awesome that you are going back to school. I'm going to finish someday too. Just not yet. I just wrote a whole long post about going crazy so school is going to have to wait. Although, I did just tell my husband that my "new" idea is to become a Seminary teacher someday. Although, I fear I'll be too old by the time I can do it. Oh well! That's my goal (for now) and I'm sticking to it (until the sticky wears off). ha ha

PS - So glad you could spend some time with your boy! Hope it's been fun!

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Lori, at least we're the good kind of crazy!

Ginger, it was fun having him home. We miss him already. You would be a great seminary teacher! You should move to the city and go to college with Lori and me!!