Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Like a see-saw, or a merry-go-round, or one of them there whack-a-mole games.

Sometimes I have nothing to say. Nada, zero, zilch. Shocking I know. I can go weeks without feeling like I have anything clever or important to write about. During those times I feel.....I don't know....discontent, disconnected, discombobulated.

I think to myself.....this blogging thing is dumb. In fact, the whole writing thing is dumb. It's run it's course. Give your notice and move along, go sort some socks or something........

It never fails that when I've just about convinced myself to do that, to put us all out of our misery, my brain explodes, and I have soooo much to say that I cannot contain it. Next thing you know, I'm trying to drive and scratch out a note (More or less dangerous than texting at the wheel? Bout the same, says I.) or writing notes on my hand in the dark of the movie theater so I won't forget some super important detail. Never mind that it takes me forever to decipher what was probably not very coherent in the first place after it's all smudged with red vine residue an hour and a half and later.

Anyway, that's where I am today. Too much to say, not enough time to write it all down. When I get like this I can't do anything until it's all out. Last night I wrote in my journal until my hand cramped up and this morning I got up before the crack of dawn and wrote rough drafts for 4 posts. There's no guarantee any of it will ever be fit for public consumption, but at least they're out of my head.....mostly.

So, there's your warning. The next few days will likely be a cornucopia of nonsense. Enjoy.

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Ginger said...

I can't wait! At least you write in your journal. I never write in my journal. I already regret that decision.