Monday, April 22, 2013

It's a mad mad, super mad, world.

I had pretty much decided that my love affair with Don Draper and the rest of the Mad Men was over. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I didn't even watch the last 3 episodes of last season. I know.

I just kind of fell off the alcoholic 60's racist, sexist, advertising wagon, what can I say?

However, I do not live in a cave, so I knew that the highly anticipated season 6 was about to begin a few of weeks ago. I tried to strum up some interest, but, meh, I really wasn't feeling it.

BUT THEN.......

Last week one night my husband was working at night and I was struck with that thing where you can't sleep because you're alone in the bed, even though you gonna be sleeping a whole lot less when your husband gets home and starts tossing and turning and snoring and sighing ALL NIGHT LONG, you know, basically, insomnia. When I can't sleep I watch TV, but I couldn't find anything I wanted to watch (mostly because I made a pact that I wouldn't watch White Collar without Sylvan, lest I get too many episodes ahead. Heaven forbid.). I decided to browse Netflix and that's when I noticed that season 5 of Mad Men was available to stream, and I thought, eh, why not?

Sidenote- Sometimes I feel like Jane Jetson. If my 16 year old self had known that her future held Netflix, talking phones, Spanx, and Amazon Prime she would have been so much more excited about her 40's.

Three episodes later, WHOOSH!! I was sucked back in-- smitten with those crazy chain smoking fools again. I've watched 2 or 3 episodes every night since and Friday I bought the season pass on itunes, because, clearly, I have NO impulse control. Now I'm all caught up. It's 1968 now in Don's world, the year I was born. I can't wait to see what happens! Maybe they'll mention me.

Are you watching? Do you love that Peggy has a framed picture of JFK in her apartment? Did people really do that? And YAY! Go Trudy!! It's about time.

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