Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Behind, as usual.

But better late than never. Our daughter Ivy is the winner of this year's bracket group. Amazing. For the second year in a row the winner is a person who knows next to nothing about basketball. I think I'm going to get the two of them to pick some lottery numbers then the three of us can hit Vegas.

I'm just glad to see the season end so we can get on to a new, better, brighter season. Go Cats!!

In other news, I've been getting slammed with spam comments lately, some of them really make me laugh.

Others make me cry, like this one, pointing out what a poor speller I am.

I like this one, mostly because I've always wanted to meet someone with "grease monket" skills.

This one, well, obviously.

I think it takes a lot of courage to come right out and admit that you're opening a scheme. I also like that they noticed that I've done a "formidable process", I hope my whole community really is grateful.

Enormous educational paragraph indeed! EVERY DAY YO!

 Then there's this guy, who appreciates the peculiarness of my writing. It's exactly what he needed. My work here is done. 


Michelle said...

I have it set on my Blogger account that anything over 14 days old has to be moderated. It actually does a great job of catching spam since all mine seems to be on old posts.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Michelle, I changed the settings a few months ago because people were telling me they couldn't get past the word verification thingy. This morning I set it to only let registered users comment, without the word verification, so I guess I'll see if that works. The spam comments aren't the end of the word, most of the time they're so stupid they make me laugh.