Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Because clearly I have my priorities in order

I'm getting a little worried about this whole going back to school thing. I keep thinking about all of the things that are going to change, and how busy I'm going to be, and blah, blah, blah......

This is how I do it. I think of all the stuff that could go wrong, I make lists and stress majorly for a little while, then I buck up and do what I need to do. The pre-event nervous breakdown is necessary to guarantee a successful mission.

I wish there was another way, but there just isn't.

Right now I'm worrying about time and money and other super important things like, what if I don't have time to read a book for fun or what if I can't watch TV for the next 4 years? Am I going to have to give up going to the movies? How will I relax? What if I never relax again?

It's got me in kind of a state. (It's pretty much just a more intense version of my usual state.) I'm feeling like I have to cram in as much leisure as possible before my first classes start next month.

OH MY GOSH!! My classes start NEXT MONTH!

I think things might be getting a little out of control.

Before I got myself all worked up I'd cut back on my TV watching, maybe watching an hour or two a week, then I cracked open the door to watch Mad Men and, well, I might have a problem. Not only did I catch up on Mad Men, but I've watched 4 episodes of Call the Midwife this week AND I found a new series called The Bletchley Circle. (It's on PBS, set in the 1950's a group of code breakers from the war use their skills to track a serial killer. It's quite good.)

All day yesterday I thought about what I was going to watch last night. I can't stop. I might need an intervention.

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