Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The calendar is telling me that today is the first day of Spring, but around here it feels a whole lot closer to summer. I didn't used to mind the heat, but I've caught myself being annoyed about it already a few times this year. It's gonna be a long Summer I'm afraid.

A few things~

1. I decided to add my husband and myself to the rotating chore chart at our house, sort of as a show of solidarity, and now I'm thinking that living in a world where we ALL do our share is a little overrated. Mostly I'm thinking that because this week I have to scoop the litter boxes. If ever there was a sucky job, it's scooping the litter boxes, ya know?

2. This van. So sweet. The suit is pretty sweet too.

3. Last chance to join the bracket group. HERE. Games start tomorrow morning!! 

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