Friday, February 1, 2013


I wrote this whole giant super long post about being crazy, then last night I woke up in the night thinking that I'm just a different version of the crazy people I complain to my friends about, and wondering who my friends complain to about me. I decided to just save that post about having panic attacks over making dentists appointments for another day. 

Moving along......
Look!! I ordered some Valentines. You should too. 
1. This is awesome. My mother in law is going to be so amused. (Just kidding! My mother in law is not mean to me all of the time, this is for my brother.)

3. This one is printable, you can make as many as you want!

4. Are we over the Star Wars thing? Cause I'm still feeling it.
There you go. Hope everyone has a hap hap happy Groundhog Day and all the wings you can get your hands on for your Superbowl party. (There's a wing shortage you know, my brother told me, he's always on top of important matters like that. It's even worse now, thanks to these two geniuses.)

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