Friday, February 15, 2013

Shock and awe I tell ya. SHOCK and AWE!

You are not going to believe this.

Unless, you know, you know me. Then, well, you might believe it. Whatever.

Yesterday afternoon my friend told me that when her son came home from our house last weekend he said, "Wow Mom, someone at their house gets crazy when they watch basketball. That someone is Eli's mom. We could hear her yelling at the TV all through the house." 

Have you ever in all your life? First of all, I fed that kid good while he was here, so, wow! Rude! Going home and dissing your hostess like that, and secondly, I've said it before, and it seems to be truer than ever, we might be making a big mistake raising our children in a state where college basketball is so grossly under-appreciated. And C., of course he could hear me all through the house. Our house is NOT that big. Sheesh!

Also, there's this~

Dear Potato Chip Flavor Thinker Uppers,
You have gone too far. To be honest, you had gone to far with Ketchup flavored chips. This is an insult to salty snack lovers around the world. STOP IT ALREADY! Stick with BBQ and Sour Cream and Onion. 

Yours Truly,
The woman who almost threw up when she saw this at the grocery store but was able to pull herself together long enough to take a picture and instagram it.

And finally, this textversation I had with my son yesterday morning.

As you can imagine we are very proud and will be lighting candles and making burnt offerings to the patron saint of American Literature Essay Writing for the next 3 months in the hope that all of our wildest dreams will come true and we will get to sit through a miserable hot outdoor graduation ceremony in May. 


Anonymous said...

Chicken and Waffle potato chips?! gross, and sad... but mostly gross

Ginger said...

Oh man, I love it when I find out what my kids' friends say about us! That's the best entertainment! My favorite was when my daughter said her friends all said my husband looks like a serial killer. ha ha. They were in 9th grade. :)

And I have to agree on the chips. Gross. and Yuck. :)