Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Relax?! Really? That's your advice??

Why didn't I think of that? I know my husband means well, but when he tells me over and over that there's nothing to worry about and I should just try to relax I want to punch him. Hard. Does he think I'm sitting around thinking, "you know, I could relax if I wanted to, but feeling like I'm going to cry/vomit/hyperventilate at any moment is SO much more exciting why would I choose to miss out on this roller coaster of hysteria?"

Despite how much fun I may have led you to believe I'm having with my self-induced anxiety disorder, the truth is I'm falling apart a little bit. I'm thrilled about seeing our son but I'm really starting to think vodka might be necessary. Like for reals y'all.

How is it that I am not getting ANY less crazy with age? Are there to be ZERO benefits to getting older and allegedly wiser? What gives?

Also, this is the forecast for our weekend.~

Please note that the HIGH on Saturday is 28 degrees. TWENTY EIGHT DEGREES!!! Can someone explain to me why Chicago was invented? Because a HIGH of 28 degrees is just dumb.

This is the smallest bag I can fit all of the things I know I am going to NEED on my 3 and a half day excursion into the frozen tundra.~

It does not appear larger than its actual size in pictures, it really is the largest suitcase the TSA will allow to be checked. I know because I measured it. My husband is taking one small backpack. I hope he's prepared to venture out in the sub-human temperatures and blowing snow to find a store that sells warm stuff, because I do not have any hand warmers to spare. I'm not even sure if 30 will be enough for me to make it through the weekend. I'm not worried though, I bet he can will himself to be warm if he's relaxed enough.


Shari said...

Your heart will be so happy you won't care if your extremities are all frozen. Get yourself some Carmel popcorn at Garret's. There are little stores all over. Use your fancy phone to find locations. Hit each and every one. You are welcome.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

I know you're right. He was able to call us for a few minutes yesterday and I could barely hold it together to talk to him. I'm going to be a frozen snotty crybaby mess. But a happy frozen snotty crybaby mess.