Sunday, January 6, 2013

Warning: This is a photo heavy post for the grandmas.

*We got a call from our son late Thursday night. He arrived at boot camp in one piece. He sounded serious but not scared or sad, so that was good. We won't hear from him again for a week or two when we get his first letter and he won't be able to call again for a few weeks. So that's that for now.

Now, on to the December recap.

Last year, after Christmas, I decided to throw out our artificial tree. It was old and had been beaten practically to death by the cats. My theory was if I got rid of it I'd be forced to get a new tree this year. So that's what I did, I threw it away, then promptly forgot to think another thing about it until Thanksgiving, at which time I surely did not feel like spending $300 for a tree when I was up to my neck in Christmas shopping. I am an awesome planner. That's how we ended up with a real life used to be living tree. It was lovely and pine smelly and fun, right up until it was time to take it down when it ended up being dry and dead and pokey. It was great while it lasted. Which was about 10 days. I think it's just too dry here for real trees. Or real grass. Or human beings.
We took our horse head mask to see the temple lights. As always everyone posed nicely for pictures.
I spent an entire day baking cookies and making fudge. When I was done there were about 10,000 sugar cookies and I can't even think about how many pounds of fudge. I'll probably have a pretty good idea the next time I dare step on the scale since I never got around to delivering them to family and friends and ate most of them myself.
We also had band concerts and dance recitals and a trip to see the Nutcracker. It was a very cultural month, that I forgot to take pictures of. Sorry Mom.
These boys thought they were the grand prize winners at our annual family white elephant exchange. Nate ended up with "The Vase", it's been THE gift to snag for about the last 7 years. It's just an ugly pink vase. All the kids LOVE it and it's an "honor" to have it in your possession for a whole year.  Mason got a Darth Vader watch and Eli scored a water powered alarm clock. (Not pictured, Berlin and her shake weight, the photos are hilarious but not exactly, "appropriate", proving once and for all that I CAN be discrete if the occasion calls for it.)
 I'm pretty sure that, no matter what anyone says, I won the best gift of all. 
A Breaking Dawn slap bracelet.
It's really nice. Don't be jealous. 
 I also had 2 pieces of extra rummy rum cake.
Best cake ever.
 Here we have Nate, Eli, and Ivy, on Christmas morning.
 (It seems that it's physically impossible for Nate to act normal when being photographed.)
Ivy got her dream shoes. One Direction Toms. 
Her parents are clearly huge suckers.
I got a nice nerdy Civil War book. 
I forgot to actually double check the syrup supply, and found out on Christmas morning that there was no syrup supply so we ended up getting Nice! Syrup from Walgreens because it was the only place open. It's no Mrs. Butterworth's but we made do. (Does anyone else think it's terribly pathetic that I have a picture of our icky syrup but none of my daughter's dance recital? Mother of the year right here.)
Nate was super excited to see the Ninjabread Men cookie cutters his favorite aunt and uncle sent. 
Do you see? He never never never makes a regular face when I take his picture. Ugh!
 Massive amounts of explosives were purchased for New Year's Eve.  
Does everyone do this now? Ring in the new year with pyrotechnics?
I don't get it.
Sadly, they could not be set off until Dad got home from Urgent Care.
 It was a non-firework related injury. He scratched his eyeball with a tape measure (don't ask) and was in quite a bit of discomfort, so we went and had it checked out. Luckily it was a minor abrasion and he was able to return home and blow things up before midnight.
 I wore my fancy New Years get up to the Urgent Care. You wouldn't believe all the compliments I got.
One last picture together before we dropped Wesley off. For some reason we decided to have everyone stand with the sun in their eyes, thus the squinting. Though, all things considered it's probably the most normal looking picture we've had of Nate in years.

And now we're all caught up.

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