Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Out with the old

I wasn't going to do a 2012 review post, but it's really kind of nice to have the "highlights" all in one place. You know, for future generations, who will surely be dying to know how often I went to the movies and complained about running.

Here we go, my most "interesting" posts of 2012~

In January I discovered ketchup flavored potato chips. When I say discovered, I mean their existence was made known, not that I started eating them. Ew.

In February our son bought a motorcycle and I decided I would hang this sweet family portrait in my house. I still have not done that. I'm pacing myself. I like to make a decision, then take 10 to 12 months to act on it.

March, as usual, was a time for me to write non-stop about basketball and even got my brother to write a post about it. I know y'all must be so excited that another March is just around the corner.

April saw Kentucky win the NCAA championship while I paid the price for running. The price being that I was forced to wear closed toed shoes for half of the summer due to toenail loss. The Universe giveth, the Universe taketh away.

In May I skipped Mother's Day, and was told by the old guy at the Y that, despite my attempts to be fit, I wasn't quite there yet.

I finally got an iphone in June. It was so much fun.

Our son opened a bank account in July, the weather was funky, and the Summer Olympics came to town. Well, only in the sense that they were on my TV which is in town, the Olympics actually took place in London. Life can be confusing sometimes.

In August I experimented with getting out of my pajamas and into "real" clothes more often. It was exhausting. I decided there was no point and now strictly wear pajamas all day everyday. I went to driving school, because learning is fun and education is the future, and also, I got a speeding ticket.

In September a rooster landed on my front porch, naturally, then I got worked up about politics. Or rather, people talking about politics. Which was awesome since there were still two months until the election and an eternity of Fiscal Cliff watching in my future.

I got glasses in October and the world was new and less blurry. It still is.

In November I saw a scuffle at the bus stop, I remembered my Rick Springfield days, and set unrealistic Christmas shopping goals.

In December our son got a horse head mask, it provided many hours of immature joy, my mailman lost my mail, and I did not love Les Mis.

I also stopped eating meat and drinking soda this year. I exercised consistently for the first time in my life (the Army years don't count, that was most certainly forced physical activity). Let that be a lesson to you future generations. I'm feeling pretty good. Holy cow, if I'd started taking care of my body 20 years ago I could have taken over the world.

Here's to 2013 being just as fun and productive as 2012, heck, maybe even MORE fun and productive.

Happy New Year!

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