Thursday, January 10, 2013

It has been some day......

First, The Box came. Ugh. I work from home, sitting at my desk I can see the street in front of our house, so when the FedEx truck pulled up I knew what it was. I started to cry before he even got to the door, then while I was signing for it, I started babbling on about my son and the box that contained his worldly possessions. I'm telling you what, that FedEx guy deserves a prize, he did not, even for a second, let on that he was desperate to get off my porch and away from my crazy self. 
I took it back into the office and cried my stupid eyes out before I opened it. Dumb. It was just his phone and the clothes he was wearing the last time we saw him. Wah. 

Then, a little while later, the mailman came and brought THE LETTER. (By the way, I think we have a new mailman. I mean, I KNOW today's mail was delivered by a different mailman than the mailman who lost my holiday packages {and who knows what else}, but I got to thinking about it, and I haven't seen "irresponsible mailman" for over a week, maybe more.  I really want to get my mail {especially now!}, but I hope I didn't get him fired. Reassigned I can live with, but fired?! Ugh. The guilt.)
Anyway, the letter, it didn't really say anything. OK, that's not true, it said A LOT of things, things the Navy wanted us to know. It's a form letter with blanks that my son filled in with stuff like "Dear Family" and his new address and whatnot. But YAY!! We have an address now. And an envelope with his very tidy handwriting on the outside. I immediately sent my husband off to the post office with the 4 letters I've written since last Thursday, and I did not cry. Not a tear. 

Dun dun dun......until tonight, when I sat down to watch the last disc ever of Gilmore Girls. Sobfest! Seriously, watching Lorelei help Rory get ready to go out into the world, and that graduation party Luke threw? Oh my gosh. The weeping. The wailing. The using of half a box of tissues.

I'm telling you what. I'm tired of kids leaving home. Mine and the ones who live in the TV. Enough is enough already.


Ginger said...

Oh man... that is a day. I don't know which is worse... surviving them while they wait to leave or missing them so much when they are gone!

SymbioticLife said...

Ohz nooooze! I have to do this 4 times?!?! I should probably invest in Kleenex stock now. I've got one aiming to leave this coming summer. I don't have a single word of advice because I truly don't have a clue how best to handle these moments. I'll be having to learn through watching other mothers like yourself I think. Good luck!