Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Grinchy, Grinchy, Grinchmas. Bah.

I'm stalling. I gave myself a deadline to finish the damn Christmas letter before I go to bed tonight but I am so not feeling the annual stroll down memory lane this year.

In fact, I'm not really feeling Christmas at all. I mean, sure, I've had a few fleeting moments, like yesterday, when I almost ordered my nephew a Farrah onesie, that was kind of jolly, but mostly it's just blech.

*It's a hoot, right?*

This afternoon I wrote a really mean email to the United States Post Office and now I'm worried my mailman is going to be mad at me and his delivery service will get even worse, which is kind of hard to imagine. That's how the whole thing started. For the last couple of months we've had magazines that didn't show up and packages that didn't make it, even though the delivery conformation confirmed that there had indeed been a  delivery. The first couple of times this happened different neighbors brought us our misdelivered mail but today, TODAY, I checked the tracking number on a package and the delivery conformation showed that the package had been delivered a week ago. SEVEN DAYS AGO!!! That package contains gifts. Gifts for my husband and my son. Gifts that I can't even re-order and pay a gazillion dollars to get here by Christmas because they are OUT OF STOCK. I just lost it. I called my post office and they don't have it and they're gonna have "check on a couple of things" and call me back. I wasn't very satisfied after my call so I went on the USPS website and wrote a harsh complaint, I used almost all of the allowed 4000 characters, about 100 of them were exclamation marks. I know that in the grand scheme of things one little lost parcel is not the end of the world, but it sucked the last tiny bit of Christmas spirit out of me and I want to kick my mailman. And now I have nothing left for letter writing. Maybe I should just stick a note in the card and direct my loved ones near and far to this post. Of course that would require my Granny to understand how to use the internet and there'd be the whole explanation of what a blog is and, well, this is getting ridiculous. I gotta go write the stupid letter.

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