Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Giddy up

Good holy cow! I started this post on Monday. It's now Wednesday, almost Thursday. There were a lot more words when I started but I'm gonna spare you the blah blah blah and just get down to the meat of it.

I have pictures, wanna see them? 

I thought so. 

Last Friday we went to Kings Fish House they have super groovy napkins, like this~
Saturday morning was the Kentucky game. 
It was a sad, sad day in Wildcat history.
Some of us wept. 
(Most of us just mocked me while I was weeping.)
 After begging for months, Ivy was finally got her tips dyed pink. 
LOOK! Pink hair! 
 On Sunday we had to make a fake baby from a package of sugar for Ivy's Home Ec. class (except they don't call it Home Ec. They call it something like "Family and Consumer Science", whatever that is). 
She's supposed to carry it around for 3 days and learn a lesson of some kind.
On Monday Wesley's horse head mask came in the mail.
Oh My Gosh!
You have to get one of these things. It is hilarious. 
This is Wesley picking his sister up from school. (He didn't wear it while he was driving, only while he was waiting for her to come out.) 
He just sat there, in the car, in front of the jr. high, wearing a horse head mask. 
Then we put it on the dog.
Then we made greeting cards.

We were cracking ourselves up.

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