Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You may be asking yourself.......

....where does she find these fantastic items and how can I get on her present list? Well, the answers to these questions, and many more are--- the internet and marry someone I love.

My granny is gonna LOVE these!

Perfect, but I cannot yet justify going without food and/or shelter to pay the $400.00 it cost. 
Curse you limited gift buying budget!!

I don't know. Too silly? 
Ha! As if.

I'm trying to resist, but this just may find it's way into my stocking. 
DUDES!! Owl and mouse, dog and cat, wolf and sheep?! 
Who comes up with this awesomeness and how will I ever decide?


Michelle said...

Those mittens are ridiculously awesome and I have those shark socks on my stocking stuffers Pinterest board... they are totally making their way into Dave's stocking!

the running couple said...

I may totally have to buy Seaner some of those mittens, he is completely obsessed with mittens right now, making these either the best present idea ever or the worst.