Sunday, November 11, 2012

You just never know what you're gonna see around here.

A couple of days ago I was at a red light when I noticed an altercation at the bus stop. I know, crazy, right? A man and a woman, who judging from the grocery cart the man was standing next to and the over loaded deluxe walker the woman was sitting behind, were both A. homeless and B. Not actually waiting for a bus, but rather, perhaps, just taking a load off. First there was shouting, then the man kind of shoved the woman's walker/closet, then the woman called him a selfish SOB and hopped up and whacked him with her cane causing the man to fall into the street. Don't worry, he wasn't hurt, he jumped right up and the shouting continued.

Sadly the light turned green so I had to move along. I couldn't help but wonder if they had known each other before the bus stop showdown or if it was a spontaneous act of territory marking. I was little sad I wouldn't get to find out how the whole thing ended.

Much to my surprise/delight/horror (not really horror, my inner Mrs. Kravitz was thrilled) when I passed by on my way home they were still there. Just the two of them and a man standing way off to the side who appeared to actually be waiting for a bus. They were sitting together on the bench chatting it up. They had reconciled and restored my faith in......I dunno....something.

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