Monday, November 12, 2012

When my hamster died his music really helped me through.

We watched Rock of Ages this weekend and I loved it. Not the acting or the story, but the music was the best. Pretty soon I was thinking about my teenage years, and big hair, and MTV, and how my taste in music evolved during that time. 

My first concert was Rick Springfield.

The year was 1984, Corey Hart opened. (You remember Corey.... he who wore his sunglasses at night?) I went with my best friend and her mom. We were so excited. Well, my friend and I were, I really have no evidence that her mother was excited. But she was willing, and that counts for a lot. There were no seats on the floor, just a big open space with million sweaty teenage girls (and their chaperones) smashed together screaming and swooning. My friend decided we needed to work our way to the front, she was hoping we'd get pulled up on stage ala Courtney Cox. Luckily, we were the only ones with that idea. Ha! Ever tried to push your way through a solid wall of Rick Springfield fans? Hmph. Those girls are crazy! The Navy should make that part of their SEAL training course. By the time we got close to the stage we were drenched in sweat (a good portion of it our own) and the concert was almost over. It was starting look like there was no way we were going to catch his eye when suddenly..... a little space opened up (probably because some girl fainted due to dehydration from all the sweating she'd done in the past 2 hours), we squeezed our way in and BOOM!! Rick Springfield touched my friend's hand!!! We nearly DIED! It was the best night ever

I wore my shirt til it was worn clean out, but thanks to the miracle of the Internet, not only have a found a picture of a shirt just like the one I bought that evening, but I found a few vintage 1984 Rick Springfield concert shirts for SALE!! That's not all, thanks to the power of my Amazon wish list, I can cross my fingers and hope someone buys me one for Christmas (I'm nostalgic but I ain't paying $45 for an old Rick Springfield shirt).
By the end of the 80's I had gone from Rick Springfield to Van Halen and finally settled down with U2 and The Cure, where I stayed for many years wearing black and sporting weird haircuts.  Even though I gave up "Rock and Roll" I'll always have a soft spot for the Rickster. 

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lori.huffaker said...

OMGosh. Darin and I went to see Rick at the Mesa Ampatheater our senior year. I loved him and swooned, and darin really dug his awesome music, we still have his albums. It was sooooo awesome.