Monday, November 5, 2012

Rory & Dean

Have I mentioned that I've been watching Gilmore Girls? For the first time ever? What can I say, I like being able to watch an entire season at once. TV on DVD is one of the best things ever invented. When I'm done with this show I think I'm going to start in on The Love Boat. Who's with me?

For now though, if you would please join me in Season 5, episode 4, the one when Dean breaks up with Rory for the 3rd and (I hope) final time. There was the time when he said I love you and she didn't, so Dean through that huge tantrum, then there was the time at the dance when Dean knew that Rory liked Jess but she wouldn't come out and say so, and finally this last time, when Dean came to pick Rory up from the grandparents house and all of the Yale guys were there. Can we please talk about Dean and what Rory sees in him? I don't understand it. I know he was nice to her in the beginning and all but I've always felt he was a little immature and jerky. I was team Jess for a while there, he has a good heart and he really did love Rory. Unfortunately, in the end, I think we all know that Jess is probably not headed anywhere good, though maybe with Rory's help he could have gotten his act together. We have to want to be helped though, don't we? Poor Jess. 

But Dean, ugh! I never felt good about him. He seems very controlling and small town to me. Then when he married Lindsay and cheated on her with Rory. Loser. Bless her heart, in a place like Stars Hollow Lindsay will never be able to shake that gossip. It could go on for years.

Now I just hope Rory doesn't start dating that Logan kid. Sure, he's cute and funny. He's also a big snobbity snob. Alas, nice guys don't make good TV. I'm afraid she's destined to always dated jerks. Even when she travels back in time to the 1960's she ends up with Pete Campbell. So sad. I guess that's what happens when you decide to live your life out on the small screen.


tarable said...

oh Rory and her dating woes. aaron & I love this show and have watched then entire series twice. so clever and entertaining!

i think i might need to start again.

Purple Dreamer said...

SO love this show! And am right there with you - I never could figure out what Rory saw in Dean. Not sure if this is your first time through the series, so I'll hold my other comments till later :)

Did you know there were 4 books written for the series? Simple trade paperbacks, but great for pick-me up reads!