Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's been a thrilling weekend

1. Tried Thai food on Friday for the first time, did not die.

2. Ran Saturday morning, even though I didn't want to. (Not 50 miles, we can't all be superheroes.)

3. Took the daughter shopping for running shoes. Decided the downfall of society may come from having too many choices.

4. Went to see Alex Cross movie. Paid full price. Almost died. From laughing. At how bad it was. (Good Grief! It was BAD.)

5. Ate my weight in brownies. Immediately regretted decision.

6. Read The Red House by Mark Haddon. Two thumbs up.

7. Lost a bet with my husband when we scraped by with only 2 political testimonies on the last Fast Sunday before the election. I was expecting a few more.

8. Latest season of Psych streaming on Netflix. Psych marathon tonight. Sweet!

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