Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hammer time.

I have lots of goals, wishes, aspirations. First and foremost, at the top of the ol' list is....Make Your Own Dang Life More Difficult. Its actually a sublist on my list of hopes and dreams. It's less of a list, more of an outline.

I love making outlines, don't you?

Remember how I said I would like to be done Christmas shopping by Dec. 1st? Well, you and I might have thought that was just a little thing I was saying in passing, nice idea, no pressure, because any fool can look at me and my day ta day life and see that there's no way that's gonna happen, but my BRAIN has decided that it is a swell idea. So swell in fact that I hardly slept last night because I kept waking up thinking of all the things I needed to go get/order/make before the end of the week. I even tried telling my crazy self that it was silly to try to be done by the end of the month if it was going to be so stressful.....right about then my Betty Draper personality told my Peppermint Patty personality to shut it and get with the program.

I really have to be more careful about mentioning vague goals to myself.

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