Thursday, November 1, 2012

Alrighty then.......

WARNING~This post is mostly a bunch of pictures of our kids, I've given up my family blog, I should have done it a long time ago, and it really  shouldn't a huge loss to anyone seeing as I've probably posted there twice in the last year, but my mom will be coming here looking for pictures of the grandkids now, so here they are mom.~

Medusa, Dr. Sexy, and Marty McFly, pre-trick or treat. All of them took their costumes very seriously and were trying to stay in character. At least the excuse I'm giving as to why I could not get them to stand together for 5 seconds to take a regular picture. (For the love of Olan Mills, they REFUSE to act normal in a picture!! They're driving me crazy! We're taking family pictures soon and if they keep this up, so help me......)
Anyhow, here's Nate, striking a pose.
Apparently the thing that makes a Dr. slide from regular to sexy is cowboy boots. 
Who knew?
Medusa~You can't tell in the pictures, but she had a bunch of braids and little glow in the dark snakes in her hair, it turned out pretty cute.

Here's Marty, doing that thing he does (I guess?).
We met up with my brother and my niece (Darth Vader Princess) and my nephew (Lego guy) for the trick or treating portion of the evening.
Holy moly, those kids have some stamina. I found myself longing for the days when they were tired after 5 or 6 houses. My nephew was determined to get a year's supply of candy. I think they would have gone all night. We probably walked 10 miles (or 2 miles that felt like 10 because of all the sexy grown up costumes we had to be subjected to, and I ain't talking about people just adding cowboy boots to their witch getup.) My brother only made things worse when he likened trick or treating to being squirrels gathering nuts for the winter.

This is Ivy's haul. 
Sorted by color, of course(?). Considering how far we walked I was really expecting quite a few more Almond Joys. 

That's it. 
Hope you're Halloween was safe and lacking sexy nuns!

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