Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Before I tell you this story, I feel impressed to pass along some information I received in an email this morning. Ready? Madagascar 3 is available at your local Redbox, TODAY!!! Praise the heavens I thought this day would never come! And by that I mean, the day that there would be THREE Madagascar movies in existence.

 Saturday afternoon one of my children asked me if I could take him to the doctor {did I mention it was Saturday?} because his wrist was really hurting, so much in fact, that he had paused his video game so he could put on a wrist brace. Upon further investigation I learned that he hadn't injured it, but it had spontaneously started aching a little bit ABOUT 20 MINUTES AGO!

 It's possible an audio recording of my unsympathetic response, which included key phrases like "sometimes our bodies hurt for no reason" and the ever popular "so you just might have to suck it up" will be used to blackmail me in the future.

Soon after that exchange I found this picture on my phone. It's not my finger and I didn't take it, which means somebody was bleeding and didn't tell me, and that my friends, is unheard of around here. So, I called my husband in to see what he knew about it (because leaving bloody pictures on other people's phones is the kind of thing he's been known to do).  Our daughter heard us talking and said "Oh, I did that. I wasn't really cut, it's food coloring. I was just trying to freak someone out."

Mission accomplished.

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Michelle said...

I am DYING over here. That is so something my sister and I would have done as kids. I'm sure you didn't find it funny, but HA!!