Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finally, a chance for your vote to make a difference

I need glasses. I'm less than thrilled about this development. All of my life I've had perfect vision, something I have been illogically proud of, I mean, it's not like anything I'm doing is causing me to have good eyesight, I'm just a dork. Anyway, for the last few months I've noticed that I can't see things well if they're far away or if I'm reading and look up at the TV my eyes don't adjust very quickly. I'd convinced myself it wasn't a big deal until last week when I was driving at night and found that I was not able to read the street signs because they were blurry. 

Let it be known through all the land.....Getting old SUCKS.

I made an eye appointment and had my eyes dilated for the first time ever, which by the way, seems like one of those things that would fall under "cruel and unusual". It was confirmed that, yes, indeed I do need glasses. The high point of the exam was when the optometrist told me that in a few years I will probably need bifocals.  (He didn't end that sentence with "Granny", but it was absolutely implied.)

Anyway, I have decided to make the best of it. I went to the Warby Parker website and picked out some frames to try.  I have them for 5 days and I would love your input. 

Here are the rules. You cannot say "Nerd!" or "They all look the same to me." 

You also cannot say, "None of those even look like something you would wear." (Note to my husband.-Um, these are not random samples, I picked them, therefore they look EXACTLY like something I would wear. Sheesh! If you can't say something nice then please go in the next room and talk to the girl who called me a nerd.) (These are the kinds of comments that cause people to turn to the internet for advice.)

You also may not talk amongst yourselves and wonder if I am actually cross eyed. I am not, in fact, even a little bit cross eyed, but I am self-portrait impaired in a major way. Whatever. 

PS-The lighting in my house was horrible so I took all of these pictures on my front porch, thus confirming the long standing suspicion of my neighbors that I'm a couple bricks short.


Ginger said...

I vote for #3! I had the same talk from my eye dr. too... I'm not looking forward to bifocals either. So I have to concur. Getting old DOES suck... lemons, I think (because lemons are sour). :)

tarable said...

#4 - super cool!

sorry you're so old. i have perfect vision at 36 years young.

(neener neener)

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Thanks Ginger.

Tara, for the record, I had perfect vision when I was a youngster like you, watch out, before you know it you'll be old and blind like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I like # 2, and a close second is #5. I think they actually all "look like something you would wear". I am afraid that last year my husband added a vision plan to our healthcare benefits during open enrollment to humiliate me. To tarable...I was 20/15 until age 41...Haven't yet gone to the eye dr to have it confirmed b/c I am too proud, but I did take note of the website Sue referred to about the frames. My day is here, I just didn't see it coming early enough to start drinking carrot juice.


Alyson (New England Living) said...

I actually like #1 best! I've always had the worst vision since childhood. But I cannot wear glasses, only contacts, because one of my eyes is near-sighted and one eye is far-sighted. Even optometrists are freaked out by me!