Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Is it just me, or is everyone else tired of a holiday by the time it finally gets here? I blame Target for pushing candy corn in August and Christmas Trees in September. 

I have vague recollections of trick or treating without my parents, just me and my little brothers in our plastic costumes and those masks that you could barely see out of, running amok. Amok! Amok! Amok! Surely though my parents didn't send us out alone, right? It's got to be one of those false memories planted by a therapist trying to eek a few more sessions out of me. In my fake memory we ran all through the neighborhood with no regard for strangers or danger, then we went home and dumped our massive haul (it always seemed massive anyway) on the living room floor and after my mother checked it for razor blades and needles we sorted and traded. Did hospitals really used to offer to x-ray your loot or is that another false memory? And did your insurance cover the cost of that procedure? 

Three of our kids will be dressing up and heading out to terrorize the neighborhood tonight, Medusa, Dr. Sexy (apparently that's a thing? {He's 17, my influence is limited, as in, non existent.}), and Marty McFly.

Funny story, I was super excited when I found the puffy orange vest for Marty's costume at Old Navy.~ May I pause to say, what? Puffy vests are back? It's a total Halloween score but I fear it's a further setback for the state of fashion in the world. One that we can scarcely afford at this stage of the game. ~ Anyway......When I was checking out the vest rang up $10.00 less than it was marked so I asked if it was on sale, which it was!!  Naturally, I was then even more excited, because clearly, I am the most giantest of dorks. That was when I told the guy ringing me up that my son was being Marty McFly for Halloween, because, duh, Chatty Cathy (I get it from my mom), fully expecting the youngster taking my money to have no idea who Marty McFly is, but nooooo. He practically shouted "NO WAY! I'm being Marty McFly for Halloween!" And for a moment I didn't know if we were having a moment or if he was going to sue me for Costume Idea Stealing (which is a battle I totally would have won seeing as how I had never laid eyes on this weirdo until 2 minutes before our weird conversation). Turns out he was super thrilled to find another soul who appreciated his love of Back to the Future, he even placed his foot on the counter (awkwardly I might add) to show me that at this very second he was wearing his limited edition 1980's hightop sneakers. Let me tell you, Chatty Cathy and her mom couldn't even compete with this guy, he told me the whole story of how he had been planning for a full year to be Marty McFly and had gone to great lengths to gather an authentic costume. Bless his enthusiastic little heart.

Michelle posted an awesome video about the rules of the candy swap. Important viewing material for both candy traders and candy trade moderators. 

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