Sunday, October 28, 2012

Being able to see is everything I imagined it would be.

Okey dokie, my new glasses are here, and thanks to the miracle of modern science, I can see!! It's kind of scary the difference with and without the glasses. I think I'm going to have to get prescription sunglasses too, I don't really want to spend the money (or be stuck wearing the same sunglasses all the time), but it would be nice to be able to see my surroundings when I'm driving. Safety first! (Says the woman who hasn't been able to see her way clearly for about 6 months.) 

At church today one of the girls I teach (14-16 year olds) said, "I love your glasses. They make you look like a blogger,"(whatever that means) then she said, "Don't you just want to put on some pink lipstick when you're wearing them?" Which proves what I always say. Teenage girls are weirder than me. 

Here's one last horrid self portrait of me in my new glasses, style #2. Happy Halloween!

This is for my mom. 
A rare sighting of, A. Me letting someone else take my picture. And B. My ever elusive older looking younger brother. 
Merry Christmas Mom!!


tarable said...

My two favorite Thomases. Or, you know, the only two that I know. But I really like both of you!

You are rocking the glasses, even if you didn't choose the ones I voted for.

Anonymous said...

OOOO, I won!


And, you look fantastic!