Friday, September 28, 2012

Guess I was a little more riled up than I thought.

Can we take a minute and talk about talking about current events? This morning (like every morning) I had the usual e-mail; Groupons, offers from Redbox, Twitter letting me know that they've found a few people that I might know (HOW?! How do you know that I might know them? What kind of monkey business are you up to Twitter?), and a political forward from a person who I have not heard from in 3.85 years. Guys, I can't explain why, but that one really bugged me.

Oh wait, maybe I can.......

Look, I get forwards, political and otherwise. We all get them. I understand that things are gonna show up in my inbox without an invitation. Everybody has a crazy uncle who sends them crap or a friend who means well and just thought "you ought to know", right? I can live (to an extent) with getting junk from people that I have relationships with, that's what filters are for, but when the only time I hear from you is election season and what you're sending is cuckoo pants and/or extreme, people, you are barking up the wrong tree. I am not your girl. I will not get radical with you.

The senders of these emails presume to know my positions on foreign relations, Medicare, taxes, and race. These aren't the kind of messages you send to someone in an attempt to change their mind, these are the kind of messages that say "Yeah! And here's another reason to hate that guy!" It's not civil discourse, it's mean spirited, and quite often not even accurate.

There are a few things that I don't feel the need to discuss in public, in fact I go out of my way to NOT discuss certain things in public. Things like sex, money, bodily functions, and politics. Lack of discussion does not mean I don't have thoughts on these topics, it only means that, believe it or not, I have boundaries, so it stands to reason, that unless you are pretty close to me, you don't know my views on much, because, while it's true I talk a lot, what I'm saying is usually meaningless drivel. I will talk about politics, with the right people, SOMETIMES. (I will not talk about sex or money or bodily functions {not even with my granny}. Period.) Those times are not at family dinner, or at work, or at CHURCH.  However, the people who send these emails don't care what my views are or if they're offending me (or any of the other people who have the misfortune of being in their address books), they have a message to spread, and by golly they're going to spread it, one vicious mass email at a time.

Here's what I believe. I believe in fairness and compassion, and I believe that they should be extended everyone, even (or especially) those who vote/believe differently than I do. If that's not what you believe then please, for the love of talk radio, take me off your mailing list.


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Dave is a Libertarian that tends to vote Republican, I am a bleeding heart hippy Liberal. His father was career military. My family are staunch union anything.

Election season is fun at our house.

People are total assholes on both sides, so it's just best to vote and make your voice heard.

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