Friday, August 17, 2012

We're doing well, thanks for asking.

I uploaded pictures from my phone this morning and realized that I am way behind in the recording of my life, the details of which I know you all live to know, so I'm going to do a quick catch up because if I try to do separate posts it's never gonna happen. 

At lightening speed here we go......

The night before school started we had one last wild and crazy night out.  We went to see the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. Someone's mom was laughing and snorting so hard that her kids had to shush her....more than once. 
How embarrassing for those poor kids.
This is my son trying to ignore me and my daughter giving me the "put your stupid camera away" face.
I don't even know why they bother.
This is them after I threatened to laugh and snort during the movie if they didn't smile.
 I stocked up on cereal before school started, apparently we're in a Frosted Flakes phase.
 First day of school. One senior and two jr. high attendees. 
How did that happen? 
 I don't know why this is sideways, but it's my nephew's response when asked if he wanted to come and stay with me, or at least that's what my brother told me was going on here, for all I know they asked him if it was ok to have ice cream for dinner.

Finally, on this loverly Friday morning, I leave you with this, one of my favorite Tracy Jordan quotes.

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Ginger said...

Your kids look like so much fun!

PS - My kids give me the same look when I threaten, I mean, ask nicely for a picture. :)